Rules of Relationships in of Mice and Men and the Breakfast Club

Guidelines of Relationship Kyle and I chose to research relationships as they are represented in films for our presentation. In between us, we saw “The Breakfast Club”, “Dead Poets Society”, “Fried Green Tomatoes” and “Of Mice and Men.” Today I’m going to talk about how rules of relationships were used in “The Breakfast Club” and “Of Mice and Male”.

I will list the rules depicted in these motion pictures and supply you with insight on the happenings of each motion picture. I believe that “The Breakfast Club” and “Of Mice and Guy” did an excellent job of showing the guidelines of relationships. Of Mice and Male” is a classic story with a classic message. It’s excellent motion picture and book. This film is great drama for anybody from thirteen to ninety-nine years of age. In “Of Mice and Men”, there are 2 rugged males, Lenny and George, who are buddies. Lenny, played by John Malkovich, is a soft spoken, big, and mild character, who is sadly psychologically disabled. Due to the fact that of Lenny’s problem keeping a job, the brothers are required to move regularly. Lenny likes to touch things that appear to be soft or soothing to touch: hair for example.

Lenny likes animals. George, played Gary Sinise, attempts his hardest to be a good friend. He seems to be trapped by the reality of having a life that is full of dissatisfied things. George is about 35-40 years old. He is difficult working, trustworthy, persistence, caring, and an extremely responsible man. Throughout the film, George seems to have actually gotten the brief end of the stick. At the exact same time, I feel that George’s conference Lenny likewise had a positive impact on George. George learned a lot of persistence from his friendship with Lenny. This story ends in trajedy.

George is forced to do what he thinks is best for all by killing Lenny after Lenny accidently killed a woman. With Lenny’s death, George is given an opportunity to carry on with his life and not have to fret about looking after his buddy. The other film I’m going to go over is “The Breakfast Club”. This movie would be enjoyed by people varying in age from junior high to middle aged. It’s more of a younger representation of how life was and remains in high school. It’s a story of how 5 apparently completely different students wind up in detention on a Saturday and how they find and use their similarities to make the day more enjoyable.

As the story advances, they discover not only about each other however also about themselves. In “The Breakfast Club”, Andrew Clark, the jock played by Emilio Estevez, constantly appears to be pleasing other people: his daddy, his coach, his good friends. They all see him as an individual that he doesn’t necessarily WISH TO be. Rather than disappoint them, he simply becomes who they believe he is. This creates a great deal of internal anger, which surfaces typically throughout the motion picture. Brian Johnson, Anthony Michael Hall, stands out academically however has little confidence to reveal for it.

He tends to be tough on himself, and can’t handle failure. Straight-laced and timid, he hardly ever bends the guidelines. My preferred character in the film, by far, is John Bender, played by Judd Nelson. He has a great deal of concerns he does not care to discuss, and he deals with them by utilizing dry humor and sarcasm. Allison Reynolds is a basket case. She’s screwed up. Something’s for sure, Allison Reynolds, played by Ally Sheedy, ENJOYS attention. So she’s got her peculiarities. She utilizes dandruff as “snow” on a photo she’s drawn. She eats Cap’n Crunch and sugar from a Pixie Stix on bread as a sandwich.

She doesn’t speak for the first half of the movie, and when she finally does start talking, she does not stop. Allison leaves you questioning who she truly is, however weird or not, she’s definitely likable! Claire Standish, the spoiled brat played by Molly Ringwald, reminds me of the women that I could not stand in high school! She places herself above everybody else in the film. Sure, she’s got her issues, much like all teens. However in some way, to everybody else, her household’s wealth and power and her alliance with the “in” crowd appears to reduce whatever issues she might have.

To the other characters, she’s just conceited Claire. “The Breakfast Club” occurs Saturday, March 24, 1984 in Shermer High School. Shermer High School is located in the town of Shermer, Illinois. “Of Mice and Guy” takes place in California sometime in the 1800’s. It was never ever precisely stated when it happened, however it was when slavery was still in usage. I selected to use the “Rules of Relationships” according to Argyle and Henderson. The “Rules of Relationships” is defined in eleven rules, noted on page 261 of the Communications Mosaics textbook.

A few of the rules are as follows, stand up for a friend when they aren’t around, share your successes and how you feel about them, offer psychological support, and trust and confide in one another. In “Of Mice and Men”, I discovered that eight of the rules were used. For the most part George is constantly sticking up for and defending Lenny, providing support, trust and confiding in Lenny, helping him, making him feel good, is not too crucial of Lenny, secures Lenny’s self-confidences, and leaving his faults alone. Lenny utilizes what he knows as far as rules of relationships go.

Lenny is mentally challenged, so he does what he can by providing assistance and simply being a hero. In “The Breakfast Club”, 3 of these rules are utilized. They all give one another psychological assistance, they trust and confide in each other, and they make each other feel excellent. In “The Breakfast Club”, they battle, now matter what they’re speaking about, they appear to take sides and safeguard their case. Although Bender made Claire cry, he gave her support quickly there after. All the teens trust and confide in each other by telling what they did to wind up in detention.

Each of them seems to have an awful story of why or how they wound up in detention. Each story has fantastic weight on ruining who they are or ruining their track record. To help his brand-new friends feel excellent, Bender gets everyone high off of smoking weed in the motion picture. In “The Breakfast Club” not many of the “Rules of Relationships” were displayed, but that is greatly due to the reality that they started as strangers created by scenarios beyond their control and grew to end up being friends through the course of the film. “Guidelines of relationships” explain how an ideal relationship would be.

A film uses a few of these rules, but for dramatic and real-to-life functions relationships like this aren’t generally seen. I believe that “The Breakfast Club” shows us what more modern-day relationships imitate. “Of Mice and Guy” offers us a more genuine, true-to-life sensation of true friendship. I believe that a motion picture like “The Breakfast Club” might not have a profound influence on the American way of life, however for now and perhaps for another short while longer, this motion picture will display how high school’s function. “Of Mice and Guy” is an ageless film, which shows friendship to be an excellent thing. The principles of both