Salient features of Martin Luther King Jr’s famous speech, “I have a dream”

This essay describes the significant features of Martin Luther King Jr’s well-known speech,” I have a dream”. It concentrates on reasons which contributed to making it so well-known. This speech had lots of significant functions which have actually made it so popular and acceptable to the audience.

These are: Structure: The speech is extremely well structured. King first develops a base for his arguments, by saying that the demands that follow in his speech were guaranteed to the black Negroes long back.

He then alleges that the American government nd the white individuals have not abided by these rights provided to blacks. He then injects guts into the minds of the black audience, by utilizing an unique force referred to as’ repetition’. He duplicates,” It is my dream that “, many times, and really succeeds in forcing the minds of black audience to’ see’ that dream with him. Force: Another reliable aspect in this speech is the unnoticeable force behind it. The words are very strong, and the style is direct. A very direct attack is introduced on the American federal government.

The unpleasant abuse that the blacks were going through is reported in a very direct, face to truth design. Absolutely nothing is indirect or suggested. This force is more apparent when he paints the picture of his vision of life of the Negroes in future. There is no rhetoric, no sarcasm. This includes the essential force in the speech, which mesmerizes the audience. Continuity: This is the 3rd outstanding feature. The three main parts of the speech, specifically, the infraction of promise, present condition of Negroes and his uture dream for the Negroes, are interwoven without any pause in between. The switch-over from one part to another part is really natural and automatic. This assists in binding the audience to the speech, till completion.

Good usage of linguistic tools: This speech utilizes tools offered by English language in a wonderful way. Numerous elements exist in a metaphoric way, to make the significance extremely clear and leave no doubt in the minds of audience. The most unique metaphor is comparing the failure of American federal government to keep ts assure towards the black Negroes, to a check returned by a bank, citing inadequate funds as a reason. Another excellent metaphor is his comparing the present status of Mississippi as’ sweltering with the heat of oppression’, while his dream compares the exact same Mississippi to an’ Oasis of liberty and justice “. His linguistic style is very attractive, and that is what impresses the audience.

For instance,” On the red hills of Georgia, the boys of previous servants and the sons of former slave owners will have the ability to take a seat together on the table of rotherhood “. He communicates a lot of things in sentences which draw a picture in the minds of the audience. The sentences of this speech are seldom long, and never ever, long. It is full of short, meaningful sentences. This is another example of exceptional usage of language. Non violence: Martin Luther King has strongly promoted non violence suggests as a tool for the fight towards liberty. Memories of the brutalities of world war II (the second world war) and the success of non violence (Mahatma Gandhi) as a tool to sound political changes in India, were still afresh in the minds of people.

This concept was immediately accepted in America also. Addition of specific direction to combat in a non violent way, made his speech more efficient and more acceptable. National flavor: Martin Luther King talks of each and every corner of the country, by calling it. This adds a nationwide dimension to his speech. There is barely any region which he has actually not consisted of in his speech. This assists in making an extremely wide, nationwide effect.

The TV audience: The TV audience need to have likewise been enthralled by the huge number of people which had actually gathered at Lincoln Memorial grounds on that day. It jeopardized of whites likewise. Addition of white individuals need to have made a positive effect in favor of King’s demands, in the minds of TV audience. The erect posture of King, combined with oozing self confidence should have boosted the spirits of all listeners and spectators.” I have a dream “, is an excellent speech even for perpetuity in future!!