Scene Setting, Plot and Characters: Romeo And Juliet Act 3 Summary

Scene Setting, Plot and Characters: Romeo And Juliet Act 3 Summary

Act 3 scene 1

Benvolio and Mercutio stroll together. Benvolio states that it is too unsafe and they can encounter the gang of Capulet men. But Mercutio doesn’t care. Goes into Tybalt demanding to speak to them, but Mercutio does not take it seriously, as constantly, starting to mock Tybalt. Infuriated, Tybalt is prepared to combat– but Romeo gets in. Tybalt immediately demands the duel. But Romeo, who is now his relative, states that he has a good reason to love Tybalt, not battle him. Mercutio madly states that if Romeo is such a coward, he will combat Tybalt rather. The battle starts and, despite Romeo’s efforts to stop it, Mercutio is killed and passes away cursing both Capulet and Montague with well-known “A pester o’ both your homes”. Romeo, blaming himself for his death, accepts the obstacle to a duel and kills Tybalt.

Benvolio, hearing that a crowd is coming, asks Romeo to escape. He stays to discuss the situation, attempting to convince everyone that Romeo attempted to stop the battle. Tybalt’s aunt demands Romeo’s life, however the Prince of Verona decides that exile suffices.

Act 3 scene 2

Juliet at home awaits night to come and her spouse to go back to her. Gets in Nurse and informs her the story of Tybalt and Romeo. At first she is too concerned and can’t discover words, so Juliet decides that both are dead. She is ready to eliminate herself to reunite with her precious. But finally the Nurse handles to inform the story from the beginning to the end. Juliet now laments Romeo’s exile, stating that she will end up being a widow maiden. She declares that Romeo’s exile is worse than 10 thousand deaths of Tybalts. To relax her down the Nurse states that she understands where Romeo is concealing and she will do her finest to arrange their wedding event night. Juliet provides the Nurse her ring and asks to offer it to Romeo as an indication of her love.

Act 3 scene 3

Romeo is concealing in the cell of Friar Lawrence, also regreting his future without Juliet. Lawrence tries to counsel him, as constantly, but Romeo is too immersed in his sorrow. The Nurse comes and Romeo desperately asks her if Juliet now sees him as a murderer, threatening to stab himself to death if it is so. Both adults try to relax him down: Friar Lawrence by scolding him for being not mature and the Nurse by informing him that Juliet still likes him and giving him her ring. The ring undoubtedly lifts Romeo’s spirit and he is prepared to hear the voice of reason. Friar Lawrence uses a strategy: Romeo will still concern Juliet and they will have a wedding event night. Then, in the morning, he will run away to Mantua. Later On Friar Lawrence and the Nurse will announce their wedding, after the consummation it will be impossible to cancel. The Prince will have no choices other than let them cohabit and the rivalry in between the households will likewise finally end. Romeo agrees with the plan and begins getting ready for his departure. Nurse delegates inform the news to Juliet.

Act 3 scene 4

Juliet’s parents walk with Paris. Paris asks them authorization to wed Juliet and her dad replies that he is sure she will enjoy to wed him– then fixes himself that, happy or not, she will follow her dad’s order. Juliet’s mother includes that she will ask Juliet’s viewpoint in the early morning. Paris mores than happy that he lastly will wed his childhood crush. He and Juliet’s daddy choose to set up the marriage for Wednesday (it’s Monday now) but then believe that they need more time and make it Thursday.

Act 3 scene 5

Romeo is preparing to pull back after their wedding event night. Juliet tries to convince him to remain a bit longer, saying that he mistook the morning birds for night ones and they still have a lot of time. But Romeo needs to vanish from Verona before the dawn or he will be executed. Still he agrees, saying that he will remain no matter what and if he will pass away than so be it. Now Juliet herself states that he should go. Romeo climbs up down the ladder and assures Juliet that he will see her soon. The lady replies that now he is pale like a dead man and it is bad omen for them. Romeo states that Juliet is now similarly pale and it is the grief and concerns that make them look like that, not some ill fate. He flees and Juliet returns to her room.

Enters Girl Capulet. She attempts to encourage her daughter to marry Paris and expresses her desire to see Romeo’s death. Juliet responses fiercely, her unclear words have lots of hatred, but just those who understand her secret can comprehend that it is hatred towards Paris, not Romeo. Juliet outright declines to marry Paris and repeats her refusal even when her dad enters and hazards to disown her. The angry moms and dads go out and the Nurse tries to convince Juliet to obey. Devastated with her betrayal, Juliet goes to Friar Lawrence, saying to herself that if everybody is against her she still can take her own life.