Scout Character Analysis of “To Kill A Mockingbird”

Hunt Character Analysis of “To Eliminate A Mockingbird”

In the unique, “To Eliminate a Mockingbird”, the character Scout plays an essential role; Harper Lee portrays her as simple, abrupt, spontaneous, and even simply plain impolite. One example of this is when Scout states, “He anti company, Cal, he’s Simply a Cunningham,” (Lee 24) In recommendation to when Walter Cunningham was over at the Finch residence, and Scout disapproved of the way he consumed his food, that is, with a liberal quantity of syrup. This shows that she is confident to speak her mind.

Likewise, it wows that she is very opinionated about classes of people, as the Cunningham boy was of a lower class than Scout’s own family. This, in addition, shows that Scout can be unruly when she wishes to be. Another terrific quote from Lee’s story, to accompany the one above, would be when Scout decides to take a piece of gum from a knothole In a tree en route home from school. “l based on tiptoe … Hastily looked around once again, reached Into the hole, and withdrew two pieces of chewing gum minus their external wrappers. My first impulse was to stick it into my mouth. Lee 32) This excerpt from the story reveals Scout’s Impulsive side, revealing that she does not constantly think prior to acting. There Is also another side to Hunt that we do not view as much, the gentle side, where she cares for Gem, and desires him not to go to the Reader’s to give Arthur Raddled a note. Another example is when she opts for Gem to check out to Mrs. Dubos, a dreadful female, every day. In conclusion, Scout might seem rowdy, rowdy, and uncouth, and she may be. However on the Within there Is more to that, she likewise Is a caring little lady.