Similarities of Prometheus and Frankenstein

Resemblances of Prometheus and Frankenstein

Garrett Manion Honors Bacetich 9/16/11 When you check out Frankenstein, have you notifications the title, “The Modern Prometheus”? Most likely not, however it is a great contrast. Why? Frankenstein and Prometheus are really comparable, they both enlivened the world and both brought penalty to it likewise. I will inform you about their contributions, their punishments, and the outcome of their efforts. First, I will tell you about their contributions.

Victor Frankenstein enlivened a horrid beast, he gathered human parts and after that put them together into a humanoid figure which he then brought to life. Prometheus took fire from the gods and gave it to the people, because the humans remained in a terrible state. Victor and Prometheus both tried to help the human world, however Prometheus prospered in assisting the people where Victor did the opposite. Which brings me to punishment. Secondly, there are Frankenstein’s and Prometheus’ penalties. They both tried to help the world, and whether they succeeded or stopped working, they got punished.

Victor Frankenstein’s creation punished him, for, what he had attempted to make to help others, ruined himself, his production killed his family and friends and ruined his life until Frankenstein passed away in the pursuit of his production. Prometheus was penalized by Jupiter because he stole fire from the sun and provided it to humans to enhance their lives. Jupiter chained Prometheus to a tall mountain in the Caucasus mountains, where eagles consumed and clawed him for eternity up until he was freed by Hercules. Last but not least, I will tell you of the stories of Victor and Prometheus.

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Victor was really clever and found a way to synthetically start hearts with lightning, like an early defibrillator. He built a body out of dead limbs and organs and brought it to life. When it was brought to life, it was ghastly, and Victor escaped from it. The development wanted vengeance and eliminated Victor’s friends and family and ruined his life. Prometheus was a titan who coped with gods of the Roman Pantheon. Prometheus liked the human beings however the Roman gods did not. Prometheus wanted to help them, and pleaded his case to Jupiter, but without any get.

Jupiter denied Prometheus, however he did it anyways. Jupiter then brought illness and starvation upon the human beings, then chained Prometheus to a mountain where eagles clawed and consumed him until Hercules rescued him. In conclusion, Frankenstein and Prometheus were comparable and various. They both tried to help the human beings and they were both penalized seriously, however they did what they thought was right. This reveals why Victor Frankenstein was similar to Prometheus and why the title, “The modern-day Prometheus” makes this contrast within the book.