Strength of Mice and Men

In this story, although some people have excellent strengths, they may have higher weaknesses, and in some cases the strong don’t always survive. Strength in something can greatly benefit a person. For instance: 1.

Lennie is physically strong and large. He is able to work really hard because of his strength, and he uses this to his advantage. Slim stated,” By the way, what did you said about Lennie was dead-on. Possibly he isn’t smart, however I have actually never ever seen such an excellent employee as him.

He worked much more difficult than the other males this afternoon, loading barley on to the waggon. No one can work as quick as him” (it remains in chapter 6). Lennie likewise uses his strength to his advantage when he fights Curley. With his tremendous power he was able to crush Curley’s hand. 2. George’s intelligence. George is a very fast thinker. He is there to get Lennie out of trouble when he triggers it. An example would be what happened in Weed. Lennie felt a lady’s dress and didn’t release, so she implicated him of raping her, and sent out men to lynch him.

George, believing rapidly, told Lennie to conceal in a marsh so that the guys would not find and eliminate him. 3. Curley, as a sign of authority on the cattle ranch and a champ fighter, makes this clear immediately by utilizing his brutish strength and violent temper to daunt the men and his spouse. 4. Curley’s other half. Curley’s wife is beautiful. Beautifulness is the strength in herself to flirts with all the men she satisfied especially all the males in the ranch.

5. Slim. Slim is the senior worker in ranch. So everyone respected him and his opinions. For instance when Slim stated” Carlson’s right. Your pet’s no good to himself. I ‘d be grateful if somebody shot me when I was so old that I could hardly move”. this ipinion makes Sweet felt powerless and after that he mau accept his dog will be shoted by the Carlson. (it’s in chapter 7) 6. Carson. He has the strength to shoted the Sweet’s pet dog since he has a gun and Slim suporrted him. (it remains in chapter 7)