Synthesis Essay the Crucible

Synthesis Essay the Crucible

Christian Dickmann Miss. Shaw Period 2 10/21/ 12 Synthesis Essay on the Crucible The Crucible, embeded in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, occurs in an age when religious beliefs was a part of the federal government. Religion, wasn’t simply the common Sunday “get together”, but defined the function of an individual in society. This wasn’t a benefit for John Proctor, he had many of his own thinks and keep to him. This led to his downfall, however was John Proctor innocent or were the spiritual expectations of the church too harsh?

I believe the spiritual expectations of the church were outrageous and unjustified to individuals of Salem. During the time duration of the “Salem Witch Trials” in 1692, there were believes that the devil existed in the little village. The main reason for this break out begin with Abigail Williams, a woman with has an “Endless capability for dissembling” (Bonnet) out of a lust for John Proctor and jealousy for his spouse Elizabeth Proctor. Witchcraft in Salem started when Abigail and a group of women were captured dancing in the woods bye Reverend Parris the minister of the church.

Abigail wasn’t just caught dancing but drinking blood to eliminate Elizabeth Proctor. In fear of reports and being penalized for their actions the girls rejected whatever, some even acted sick. When implicated of their actions they stated the devil made them which they saw other individuals in the village with the devil. The outbreak begins, in a puritan religious beliefs this would not be accepted nor endured. Something needed to be done, and the method to relieve these issues was to hang people guilty. Witchcraft in Salem didn’t just include a couple individuals but it included an entire town.

It was more than the accusations of the devil existing in the village but “A long past due chance for everybody so likely to express promotion” (Miller). This might finally express there long held hatred for their next-door neighbors and take vengeance on them. The expectations of the Puritan society on the village were unrealistic and made witchcraft accusations even worse. The Puritan religion provided the people of Salem no social life, the majority of them adhered to their selves.” They did not celebrate Christmas, nd a vacation from work suggested only that they need to concentrate even more upon prayer” (Miller). This preference of minding other individuals service was time honored by the people of Salem but undoubtfully developed numerous suspensions. Not just did it produce suspicions but not having a day off to unwind, is extremely impractical. Puritan expectations pushed every ounce of work out of every guy. “People were required to eliminate the land like heroes for every grain of corn” (Miller). This is another example of the harsh expatiations that there was no fooling around.

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When John Proctor was being implicated of witchcraft, one allegation they held on him was not going to church every Sunday. He couldn’t go to church since the spiritual expectations made him deal with his arrive on Sundays to make a living. New ideas to the town of Salem were unknown due to the fact that it was the Puritan method or the highway. If you were not Puritan you were thought to be laced with the devil and everybody in Salem believed it. This is all because of the insecurity of the church and how it could affect their spiritual thinks. The photo of George Whitefield preaching (source c) is a terrific example of it.

It’s showing that the dark forest is evil and the town is light representing their faith. This showing how harsh it was to live in the Puritan society. In Salem faith was the federal government, and you were defined by your religious beliefs. If your name was blackened by the church then you were pittied upon by the town. The religious expectation were so unrealistic to individuals of Salem, innocent people were eliminated due to the fact that they didn’t want there name to be blackened. I think the spiritual expectations of the church were unbelievable and unjustified to individuals of Salem.