The American Dream in “A Raisin In The Sun” Essay

The American Dream in “A Raisin In The Sun” Essay

A Raisin in the Sun is a drama that concentrates on the “American Dream” and one’s construct of a “better life”. Each character in the drama has their ain position on what that dream is and what they perceive a better life to be. Hansberry focuses on the value of accomplishing one’s dreams regardless of the assorted rough fights in life. Mother has imagine supplying her household with a much better life she and her hubby of all time had. Mama stated. “Lord if this small works don’t obtain more Sun than it’s been obtaining it ain’t ne’er traveling to see spring once more.” The works symbolizes Mamas devotion to her dreams. Every forenoon she tends to her works and describes that although it doesn’t acquire the sum of sunshine that is required the works is still alive. This besides signifies that although her dreams have actually been deferred throughout her life she still keeps them alive and makes every effort to achieve them. Mother chose to set a down payment on a home in a white area understanding that this would keep the home together.

This besides programs her belief in achieving the ideal American Dream. Mother is the caput of the household and ever makes certain her kids obtain where they came from and to take pride in what they think in. She desires them to respect themselves and to win while keeping moral limits. Ruth has comparable dreams as Mama does. she wants to construct her ain happy home and move towards a larger and much better home. Ruth said to mama. “So you went and did it! APPRECIATION GOD! Please honey allow me be grateful. you be grateful excessively. All right Walter a place. a location. “

Ruth’s response to how delighted she was when she discovered Mom bought a house demonstrates how much she does attention for her household and desires that American dream every bit excellent. Ruth thinks that ownership can convey felicity which is the idea of her “much better life”. Beneatha’s dream is to go a physician and stand up against ignorance in racism. Beneatha’s dreams were postponed since she matured in a society where individuals anticipated adult females to build places instead than hold existent callings. Besides money was another problem that had actually been keeping her dorsum from going a doctor and prosecuting her dream. Walter stated to Beneatha.” Ain’t numerous misss decide to be a physician.” Beneatha responded sardonically by stating.” Forgive me for wanting to be anything at all.” This demonstrates how Walter is near minded and agrees on the positions of adult women and their function in society. Beneatha and Walter disagreed on what the “American Dream” was since they both had such different thoughts on what they portrayed a much better life to be.

Beneatha thinks that Walters dream of acquiring a spirits shop is a waste of cash. she does not feel Walter has the aspiration or capability to do a success of such a concern and is grateful that her female parent will non hold to the program. Beneatha’s character explicates a figured out adult female; she is different from other adult women in her coevals because her dreams and goals contrast what is expected in the cultural customs. Walter is an illustration of an unfavorable and favorable character throughout the drama due to his actions on looking for to accomplish his ideal American dream. Walter is endeavoring for economic independency and wishes to have his service/ spirits shop. He wants to be the unique provider for his home and family. Walter stated to mama.” A profession mamma. an occupation? I open and close automobile doors all twenty-four hours long. I drive a adult male around in his limo and I state. “yes. sir. no. sir; truly great. sir; will I take the thrust. sir” Mom that ain’t no sort of profession. that ain’t nil at all. “

This represents how Walter is embarrassed of this occupation and how significantly he wants to put in the spirits company to go financially independent. His meaning of a man is by mensurating his success and capability to provide for his home. Walter goes through with seeking to do his concern happen by making use of a few of the insurance cash Mom had; he ends up losing his cash to a con-artist and this is when he realizes the significance of his household’s dreams and where he came from. Mom said. “He ultimately come into his manhood today. didn’t he? Type of like a rainbow after the rain.” This symbolizes how Walter went from being looked down upon by his home to going his household’s hero. when he understood that he had to step up and be an adult male. He now knows what his precedences are and that’s for him to stand by his home and deal with the hereafter. In malice of all the tasks the home had during the drama at the terminal we see the Younger’s taking a trip out of their old home into a new one. Mother is transporting her deal with her; this signifies how they still have their old “roots” although they’re taking a brave measure by taking a trip into a white area and carry throughing the American dream that they have actually all been hankering for.