The American Dreams of the Main Characters in Lorraine Hansberry’s Play A Raisin in the Sun and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Novel The Great Gatsby

The American Dream is the concept that everybody living in the US has a consistent chance to attain their dream through determination, effort, and goal. Some individualized dreams could be earning success, acquiring cash, or winning the love of your life. This is a style in numerous books in American literature. While both Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun and Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby primary characters, Walter Lee Younger and Jay Gatsby, have comparable dreams, the distinctions are the time frames that encourage their American Dream.

In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby’s goal is to become rich in order to get Daisy. They had a relationship during World War 1, however since Gatsby was from a bad family, Daisy disapproved of him and married another man. When Gatsby later on became wealthy through illegal work, he sets his eyes on Daisy, but she had actually already moved on with her life. When he fulfills Daisy after a long time, he ignores everything around him and sees just her. It was observed by Nick, the storyteller of the story. “He hadn’t as soon as ceased taking a look at Daisy, and I think he revalued whatever in his home according to the step of response it drew from her well-liked eyes. Sometimes, too, he looked around at his possessions in a dazed method, as though in her real and remarkable presence none of it was any longer real. When he almost fell down a flight of stairs” (5.91 ). The quote shows his response after seeing Daisy and how he forgot everything around him. He is fixated on her which shows how events in the past influenced his American Dream. Another example is when Jordan gossips about Gatsby with Nick. Jordan discusses how Gatsby is consumed with Daisy that he has to live close to her. “Gatsby purchased that house so that Daisy would be simply throughout the bay” (4.78 ). Gatsby’s obsession is so severe that everyone knows about it. Throughout the book, it seems like Gatsby sees Daisy as his valued possession. Although it is apparent that he stood firm to have Daisy, it was not accomplished since Daisy returns to her other half and Gatsby passes away at the end of the story.

In A Raisin in the Sun, Walter Lee Younger’s dream is to leave poverty and supply a better future for his child. It is plainly seen when he passionately talks to Travis, his kid, about his dreams. “Just inform me where you want to go to school and you’ll go. Simply tell me, what it is you wish to be– and you’ll be it … Whatever you wish to be– Yessir! (He holds his arms open for TRAVIS) You simply call it, son …(TRAVIS leaps into them) and I hand you the world!” (2.2.109). He feels horrible that his son needs to live in bad conditions since Walter does not have a great job, lives in a bad area, and erupted onto the margins of society because of their color. Despite the fact that he reveals love towards his son, his family does not think that he cares about them. It appears when Walter speak about what he wishes to finish with the $10,000 check they received from the insurer. “Yeah. You see, this little liquor shop we got in mind cost seventy-five thousand and we figured the initial investment on the place be ’bout thirty thousand, see. That be 10 thousand each.” (1.1.35) Every member of his family needs the money to achieve their own dream, but he is utilizing all the money to do something his household never ever authorized of. Although he does not completely leave from hardship at the end of the story, his family moves into their own home and he is confident that he can supply an excellent life for his son when he grows up.

Walter Lee Younger and Jay Gatsby have comparable dreams, however the distinction is the occasions that influence their dream. Even today, the individual’s social and financial status identifies what they want to strive for. Today, people want to advance technologically and discover new things, a lot of individuals strive for a much better education by studying hard. However, this can differ from individual to individual. Lots of readers can learn more about the character’s character through the dreams that are valuable to them. These books teach numerous life lessons when it comes to how the characters battle throughout the story because it has a relationship with an aspect of society. It depends on how the reader interprets the story and applies it to their own lives. In order to attain the American Dream, one needs to have perseverance, great ethic, and goal and these attributes stay classic.