The Brief, Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

The Brief, Fascinating Life of Oscar Wao

In the “Quick Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao there stand out differences in race and gender functions in the Dominican Republic. Males are represented as players. They sleep with many women, are aggressive, and betraying wasn’t uncommon either. This was the method they show their masculinity, and followed Oscar Wao from his homeland in the Dominican Republic to Patterson, New Jersey where he was raised. Masculinity and these characteristics of Dominican guys were a typical theme throughout this book.

Oscar Wao’s website of masculinity was quite different from the standard; at the young age of 7 he was something of a Casanova by having his first and only mA © nage a trois, his golden year. The years following he was called the geek young boy, constantly falling for girls he would never ever have the ability to have. It took a couple excellent whippings and the lost of his life for him to prove this masculinity to everyone, the norms of masculinity in his culture are essentially what killed Oscar. Oscar was born in New Jersey and is a Dominican male, since of this truth there are lots of things that are anticipated of him.

He is anticipated to head out on the town, be a womanizer, be aggressive and going to pursue what he desires. Nevertheless, Oscar just isn’t any of these things, and feels pressure from his loved ones to be something that he’s not. Throughout the book he remains in a consistent state of depression, throwing himself in to comics, fantasy movies and his writing, which he enjoys, the most. The start of Oscar Waos life was just as any other Dominican young boy, he was something of a little pimp, which was encouraged by family and friends. Any opportunity he had to kiss or flirt with a lady he would take even when all other young boys his age prevented ladies.

He sounded just like a common Dominican kid, which at this time he was. The only issue was that he lacked a male figure in his life; he had no one to show the Dominican masculinity roll to him. The only male figure in his life was his uncle, and he remained in and out of prison throughout the majority of Oscar’s life. This missing piece is what threw him in and out of his depressions and into a life of fantasy. After the age of puberty hit Oscar’s appearance changed drastically, he no longer chased ladies. He had become an over weight freak, and ladies merely were no longer brought in to him.

At school and at home he didn’t seem like he belonged, he totally lacked a social life. All through high school this was his life, he continuously gained weight, which was also a prominent consider his anxiety. Oscar’s has just two friends, Miggs and Al, and has otherwise totally secluded himself from all other people his age. When they land themselves girlfriends toward completion of their senior year, he quickly finds out that his only buddies are embarrassed of his look, and would not participate in helping him to discover a sweetheart.

Oscar’s look is when again described as an overweight nerd. He had completely let himself go. He chooses he requires a change; he cuts his afro, shaves his mustache and loses the glasses. He lastly begins to welcome himself, his makeover, and his love of composing and begins to feel a sense of accomplishment. He fulfills a girl called Ana in his SAT preparation class. He gains a little bit of self-confidence through their relationship, up until Manny, Ana’s ex-boyfriend enters her life once again and he sees he’s losing his possibility of happiness with her.

She ends up being hectic with Manny and their long talks and hangouts become less and less frequent triggering Oscar to falls back into his depressive state. Oscar’s sibling Lola pushes him though the book. She wants him to be the masculine Dominican man that he was born to be. However, deep inside she doesn’t believe that he is capable of measuring up to those standards. She goes as far as to state “You’re going to passed away a virgin unless you change (Diaz, 25) Not only do his only friends state hurtful things to him, his own flesh and blood tease him.

Having the consistent sensation of shame, individual un-fulfillment, and self-loathing will cause anyone to slip into a depressive state. Oscar then began college and thinks this is going to be a new beginning, however learns that he is still just a nerd boy and college starts for him just as high school ended up. At the start of his sophomore year his weight had jumped to 245 pounds, his weight problems continue to drive him deeper into anxiety. He felt that he could not strike up celebrations and chase women since he was too over weight and unsightly.

This became apparent to his friends and family and they were all disapproving of his absence of Dominican heritage and masculinity. Oscar then meets Yunior, the storyteller of the books, who chooses to take it upon himself to alter Oscar’s life after coping with him for just an instant. Yunior is an image best example of what a “Dominican guy is, and exactly what Oscar has been making every effort to be. He makes Oscar keep up him everyday and one day he just quit returning to his old, unhealthy self as soon as again. He is rather jealous of Yunior, he is what Oscar with never ever be able to be. He has all the appearances and gets all the girls.

That is until Oscar satisfies Jenni Munoz, this is the only thing that he had that Yunior did not. They started hanging out together all the time, talking about poetry and literature, even going to films together. This newly found relationship was quite motivating for Oscar, he started running once again, dressing up regularly, evening ironing his t-shirts in the morning. This was short lived and he falls into an even much deeper anxiety. He stops writing and totally secludes himself as soon as again. He just as everyone else just wishes to be liked and have a sense of belonging and whenever he comes close, it is torn from him.

Oscar discovers that Yunior chose not to space with him again, and they commemorate their last night drinking together. He overindulged ending up being drunk and attempts to devote suicide; he felt this was the only option and that his life was no longer worth living. Oscar showed numerous indication of anxiety leading up to this point, his continuous up and down weight, not appreciating this look, lack of social motivation, and the feeling of insignificance. After Oscar graduates college he discovers himself mentor in his home town, where he is faced with the same ridicule as he did when he was a child.

The kids in his classes would tease him, calling him fat and a nerd. One of his male trainees in the middle of lecture even asked him if he ‘d ever been laid. He even as an adult is unable to get away the Dominican masculinity that has actually been expected of him. His whole life worthless and full of pity, all he desires is to be loved and not a single lady loved him. The summertime that he went to the Dominican Republic with his mom and sibling mark another turning point in Oscar’s life, he satisfies the love of his life, Ybon.

He took a chance with her and it altered his life permanently. They started to invest a lot of time together and he feels comfy talking to her about his problems, which makes him feel much better, he talked to her about things that he could never talk with anyone about. He finally met the one, the only issue is that Ybon had a boyfriend who is a Dominican police officers. He discovers that Ybon and Oscar are hanging around together and has actually Oscar beaten so severely he was in a coma for a couple of days, however he lastly got his very first kiss ever from a woman.

Oscar’s mother makes him return house to New Jersey with her, while at home all he can thing about is Ybon. He talked to Yunior about the kiss and how he practically got killed, stating “I kissed a woman, Yunior. I finally kissed a girl. (Diaz, 305) He was so delighted to have actually lastly been able to feel the touch of a woman although it nearly cost him his life. Finally proving to everybody that he might be that Dominican guy that everyone including himself wanted him to be so severely.

Oscar develops the guts to return to Ybon, revealing that he wasn’t afraid and that he was man enough to go and defend the women that he loved. He seems like he needs to prove his manhood to everyone and does not wish to pass away a virgin. Oscar was so worried about what other people thought of him and attempting to live up to is Dominican culture that he ended up taking another beating and losing his life. This marked the final and last love of his brief life; did he ever get to experience the one and just thing that he ‘d ever desired

Had he ever got to experience what it was like to be a real “Dominican man Oscar Wao’s website of masculinity was quite different from the standard; constantly falling for women he would never have the ability to have which eventually lead him to his death. When he went back to Santo Domingo showing enormous amounts of courage, proving to everyone that he was Dominican, he had actually fallen in love and would do anything for her love. At last, he ‘d felt total, he had attained the success of being loved and feeling loved, he has proven his guy hood, and didn’t die a virgin, as everybody believes he would.

It took a couple excellent beatings and the lost of his life in order for him to show to everyone that he could be Dominican male that everyone anticipated of him; the standards of masculinity in his culture are essentially what killed Oscar. “To frequently, society sees masculinity as the reason why males abuse their mind and bodies, abuse their partners, decline to seek help from friendly health services, and pass away at a young age (Macdonald and Woods) He passed away a violent and cruel death but he died being the manly Dominican male figure that he wished to be all his life.