The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Essay

The Short Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao


Written by author Junot Diaz ‘Marvelous life of Oscar Wao’ the book is a fiction work embeded in New jersey, where the author was raised, but handle his ancestral homeland Dominican republic when it was under the guideline of Rafael Trujillo who was a dictator. The unique revolves around the life of Oscar who is described as an overweight Dominican kid. He is obsessed with fantasy and science fiction novels ‘however’ his family is afflicted with a curse.

The story focuses on Oscar’s family. It is narrated by an universal storyteller, however ultimately he is revealed to be Yunior de Las who is a school roomie to Oscar (Di?az, 2009).

The novel starts with ‘Fuku’ description. This is curse of some kind on the brand-new world as well as a counter spell to the curse described as Zafa. The storyteller offers a story that he states it is his own type of a Zafa. The book remains in three parts. Part one consists of the introductory, chapter one, 2 3 and 4. Part two is made from chapter 5 and 6, and the last part three is made of chapter 7 eight and the final letter.

Secret Characters

The unique makes up a variety of characters who have various traits. The main character and the first one are Oscar de Leon. He is the title character in addition to a central character in the book. He is a fat ghetto geek who turns to be a castaway anywhere he goes. The majority of his time in the story, he is trying to find a lady who can love him. He is represented as un-Dominican due to lack of masculinity as well as being a severe nerd man. Oscar can be summed in one word, looser. As Yunior the narrator states ‘Oscar had his nerdiness like a Jedi wearing his saber, could not have actually gone past normal if he had actually wished to’. ‘In order to run away from his tormentor’ he takes part in reading fantasy and science fiction novels. In the unique, he is referred to as excellent romantic male. However, his nerdiness stands in his method for his love of ladies. According to the narrator Yunior, ‘Oscar was described as an obsessive enamorao (romantic), who quickly fell in love (Di?az, 2009). He likewise had secret lovers in the town. His love and loads of love, fear, lust and desire that he revealed to every woman regardless of ladies look or age resulted in his heart breaking each and every day’. Oscar is likewise a not likely hero in the unique despite remaining in difficulty most of the time in the story. He is constantly being teased by others.

Lola de León. She is Oscar’s sister and later on she becomes the storyteller’s girlfriend. She plays a crucial function in the story as she even tells one chapter in the book. She is an altering character in addition to complex as she sometimes fights with her mom and flees. She talks much about escape in the novel. She is describing as a contemporary woman than others in the book. However, this does not make better in preventing abusive partners as we anticipate. For instance, she loses her virginity to Aldo, who is living in a tiny room. Then her narration and speech are heard in wildwood area. The narrator explains her as a kind woman specifically when describing her relation with Oscar her sibling (Di?az, 2009). She is also frank, sexiness and independent. The position played by her prevents females being marginalized in Wao area.

Hypatía Belicia Cabral-de León, She is Oscar’s and Lola’s mom. She is referred to as Beli or Belicia. She is portrayed as hard in addition to severe in her parenting. Having actually been an orphan and the embraced by La Inca, she has a variety of silences in her past. Yunior, he is the narrator who stays anonymous till the latter phases of the novel (in chapter four). He is Oscar’s roommate at school. He is portrayed as a playboy in addition to a professional athlete. He at sometimes becomes Lola’s sweetheart for some years, but in his narrative he is exposed as unreliable. He is likewise portrayed as a male who understands what he does not like. La Inca, she is Beli’s adoptive mother, and she functions as the granny to Oscar and Lola. She resides in Bani, unlike her adopted daughter is represented as a softie, generous and kind, unlike Beli who rules the de Leon household with an iron fist. Dr Abelard is the medical professional who brings menstruation Fuku down. He plays together with Trujillo’s dreams and just battles back when Trujillo goes after his own child. He is released as brave, and he is tortured in the jail.

Small characters

Additional personalities in the novel include Tío Rudolfo who is an uncle to Lola and Oscar and he is a druggie. Tía Rubelka. She is Oscar and Lola’s aunt who periodically assists in keeping the house specifically when Belicia gets ill. Maritza Chacon is among Oscar’s sweethearts at the age of seven. She is beautiful but when she matures she dates older guys who abuse her. Olga Polanco, she is another one of Oscar’s sweethearts. Miggs is the only Oscar’s only pals in high school. Ana Obregon, Oscar’s first love, a ‘lovely curved girl’. Other characters in the novel consist of Manny, Aldo, Karen Cepeda, Rosío, Max Sanchez, Dorca, Mauricio Ledesme, Jack Pujols and Juan Then amongst many others (Di?az, 2009).

Chapter one of the novel is an introductory to the character of the primary guy in the novel, Oscar de Leon. As a Dominican, he is expected to be victorious with women, but this is not the case with him. The episode ends with Oscar illuminating his feel affection to Ana, however Ana rejected him. The second chapter begins with an alteration to the very first person narrative. The chapter is about Lola and her mom and how she leaves to her grandmother La Inca’s location in Dominica. Chapter 3 Oscars mom fate as a young gal is revealed to her children. Beli’s story in Dominica is exposed and the chapter ends by her running away from Trujillo into New York. Chapter four exposes Oscars time in school and the narrator are (Yunior) also exposed at this moment. The chapter is about the life of the two men in school and their characters.

This contains chapter five and 6. Chapter 5 is a story of how Abelard who is Beli’s daddy and grandpa to Oscar cause the death of his member of the family by talking bad things about Trujillo. His family is torn apart. Chapter 6 covers Oscar’s life after college and how he ends up in United States. Chapter seven sees Oscar go back to Dominican Republic. Chapter 8 is the end story as the storyteller reveals eventful fates of different characters in the story. Lastly, there is the final letter which serves as the epilogue to the novel.

The León family looks to be under a curse as the storyteller explains. Life isn’t simple for Oscar; he is an overweight man with social skills of a three-toed sloth. In addition, he is also has a regrettable behavior of falling headlong in love with any woman he discovers. Sometimes it takes very little encounter and his heart runs aflutter. The ‘Fuku’ curse has knotted the household. Several torments follow them from Dominican Republic, New Jersey. The family is confronted with curious layers of unrequited love, hardship among numerous other problems (Di?az, 2009).

The family wants to struggle with ‘Fuku’ which sort of a curse or doomed element in the family. The family members are killed as a result of Oscar’s grandfather talking of the totalitarian leader Trujillo. Everyone in the family needs to go through a torment of some kind. Oscar is the climax of the curse in his family. His mother is an iron fist parent, who was an orphan and died of cancer. Oscar’s Sibling Lola on the other hand is at dispute with her mom and even escapes from her. This curse triggered havoc in the family. As the story ends, the narrator exposes the fate of characters. Oscar’s mother died of cancer 10 months after the death of her boy Oscar. Lola goes different methods with Yunior after he cheats on her. At the closing stages of the story, none of the characters aims to have actually made it through the violence results of fuku. Yunior dreamt getting a blank book from Oscar which he took as an impression that this can be a “Zafa” (325) to the family curse.

Modern problems dealt with by Hispanics and Dominican families

Among the major problems faced by the Hispanic and the Dominican households today is increased level of poverty. This is depicted in the unique as the families are represented as poor and always in the battle to improve their lives. The curse of Fuku reveals bad health facilities in the region and continuous battling for equality. Another concern dealt with by the citizens of Wao is a defend power and freedom from the dictatorship of Trujillo. The females power is likewise portrayed in the book. Ladies are represented as minor group of people in the society. Their power is restricted to attracting males. The very same issue of inequality affects the Hispanic and Dominican region as fight for power intensifies (Change, 2010).

Underrepresentation in the federal government is another concern that affects the Hispanic and Dominican communities. This is the exact same the neighborhood in Wao is treated as a small neighborhood in the region. In addition to underrepresentation in the federal government, the two small communities have likewise been impacted by absence of appropriate education centers. This has decreased their access to formal education. Increased quality of education for Hispanic-American students has been termed as a concern in order to bring along equality. Lastly, violence has actually been another problem impacting the Dominican neighborhood. This is represented through the love and violence theme in the novel. Despite the changes that have actually taken place in the United States government in current times, the scenario among the Hispanic and Dominicans has changed that much (Amend, 2010).


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