The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Essay

Lots of individuals come across different love experiences throughout their whole lives. In the unique The Short Marvelous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz, we see Oscar de Leon, a Dominican American young man, who resides in Paterson, New Jersey with his family going through several relationship experiences in his life. One of those experiences is throughout his childhood; he is a castaway and is thought about a nerd. Another love experience that Oscar encounters is when he goes to Rutgers University to get his education.

One more experience that Oscar has is when he takes a trip back to his native country the Dominican Republic and falls in love with the woman that he least expected to fall for. Throughout his early childhood years, Oscar is rather the girls guy; he has two various women at once: Maritza Chacon and Olga Polanco. However, after dumping Olga and selecting Maritza, she reverses and discards him. From that point on Oscar’s luck with the ladies concerns an end and he discovers himself struggling to get into another relationship throughout his life.

As Oscar matures in to a teen, he becomes obese and is thought about a geek. Rather of being a jock that has ladies following him all over, he is consumed with science fiction, fantasy novels, and with falling in love again. In high school Oscar “strolled into school every day like the fat lonely nerdy kid” (Diaz 19). Like lots of kids who aren’t popular in school, Oscar is a loner and has no pals. Regardless Oscar discovers a method to go to high school everyday even believed he doesn’t feel comfy with his own self.

As the years went on Oscar discovers himself in his senior year in high school and is still trying to find a sweetheart. After a couple of his nerdy good friends Al and Miggs handled to find girlfriends, Oscar decides that it is time for him to discover one too. That’s when he starts to get near Ana Obregon. During his time with Ana, Oscar expects to enter a relationship with her; however, Ana reveals no interest in becoming his sweetheart. Ultimately Oscar graduates high school as a single male and they both go their separate methods.

Another of Oscar’s love experiences is when he registers into Rutgers University. In the beginning Oscar believes that it is going to be a various experience and that he will end up being popular, however soon after attending, he understands that he is still a loser. The pressure of not being acknowledged gets to Oscar so he tries to dedicate suicide. After this event occurs, his sister Lola ends up being worried about his safety. That’s when Yunior, a friend of the family, agrees to live with Oscar at the artistic dorm Demarest in Rutgers.

Yunior is popular with the girls and attempts to assist Oscar form up that way he can get a chance at getting a lady. Nevertheless, Oscar doesn’t have any interest in Yunior’s recommendations “to talk sense to Oscar about women resembled trying to toss rocks at Uranus” (Diaz 174). Around that exact same time Oscar fulfills Jenni Munoz, a Puerto Rican gothic woman; immediately, Oscar falls for her. They both spend a great deal of time talking to each other, but they never ever end up being an item.

When Jenni decides to get a partner, Oscar turns out in anger and tears things off her wall while yelling at her. Oscar might not believe that another girl that he loved was not interested in being his sweetheart. Right after, he lets his feelings get the very best of him as he attempts to commit suicide again by leaping off a train bridge. After Oscar finished Rutgers University, he returns to Paterson, New Jersey to cope with his mom. While living there, Oscar ends up being a teacher at his old high school and satisfies another instructor by the name of Nataly.

He right away starts to fantasize about remaining in a relationship with her; nevertheless, Nataly moves away and Oscar ends up being depressed about it for numerous years. That’s when Oscar decides to visit his native country the Dominican Republic in the summer season with his family. Throughout the visit, he satisfies a prostitute by the name of Ybon and quickly afterwards he falls in love with her. In spite of Ybon being a not likely female for Oscar at this moment with a lot of the females walking out on him, he wants to start a relationship with any female.

Nevertheless, Ybon is not a single female as she has a partner who is a captain in the police. When he witnesses Ybon provide Oscar a kiss, he pulls both of them over and takes them to a cane field where they are beaten. Concerned, “moms de Leon got a green light from the physicians she called the airline companies” (Diaz 302). After his go back to the U. S. Oscar right away starts discovering a method to get adequate cash to return to the Dominican Republic. When Oscar finally does, he goes for what will be the final days of life.

As Oscar desperately searches for Ybon, he is discovered by 2 good friends of the captain who shoot and eliminate him. In the end, Oscar dies without ever understanding what is like to be in a serious relationship with a lady. In this novel, Oscar does not seem to have any luck in relationships since he was a kid. Maybe Oscar is the victim of the fuku curse that has pesters his household for many decades. Fuku, a curse of doom, is believed to be brought by the Europeans who concerned the Antilles.

Throughout the unique Diaz represents Oscar as an individual who has no luck with women in spite of trying the very best that he can. Every single female that he is interested in seems to just want to be pals with him and not pursuit any type of romantic relationship at all. Even when the women are not that quite themselves like Maritza, Ana, and Jenni they all reject him and go on to get other sweethearts. Oscar’s bad luck probably originates from the fuku curse which has actually followed him throughout his entire life. Oscar eventually gets murdered not experiencing a relationship.