The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Junot Diaz

Main story

Oscar de León (nicknamed Oscar Wao, a bastardization of Oscar Wilde) is an obese Dominican maturing in Paterson, New Jersey. Oscar frantically wishes to achieve success with females however, from a young age, is unable to discover love, mainly due to the fact that he is a geek consumed with science fiction and comic books. His fantastic worry is that he will die a virgin.

After high school, Oscar participates in Rutgers University. His sis’s sweetheart Yunior (the storyteller of much of the book) relocates with Oscar and attempts to help him get in shape and become more “normal”. After “getting dissed by a girl”, he tries to kill himself by consuming 2 bottles of alcohol and leaping off the New Brunswick train bridge. He makes it through the fall but is seriously injured.

Oscar recovers and graduates from Rutgers. He replace teaches at his previous high school and dreams about writing an impressive work of sci-fi. Ultimately, he transfers to the Dominican Republic and falls helplessly in love with Ybon, a prostitute who lives near him. Ybon is kind to Oscar however declines his frequent romantic overtures. Ybon’s sweetheart, a violent cops captain, ends up being jealous of Oscar and sends out 2 jerks who kidnap Oscar, take him to the sugarcane fields, and beat him into a coma. Oscar’s family takes him back to the United States to heal.

Oscar recovers from the pounding, borrows cash from Yunior, and go back to the Dominican Republic. He invests 27 days writing and stalking Ybon. She is horrified at first however softens and ultimately has sex with Oscar. Ybon’s partner’s jerks then discover Oscar, take him back to the sugarcane fields, and eliminate him.

Flashbacks and secondary stories

The novel contains significant exposition on Oscar’s household history. One section is a very first individual narrative from the viewpoint of Oscar’s sister, Lola, explaining her battles to agree their reckless mother, Beli. Subsequent areas information Beli’s backstory maturing as an orphan in the Dominican Republic after her dad was put behind bars and her mother and two sisters passed away. Her daddy was put behind bars after failing to bring his other half and daughter to fulfill some federal government authorities, as he fears they will be taken by them. After being raised by an aunt, Beli participates in a relationship with an un called Gangster.