The Catcher in the Rye – Story Of A Young Sixteen Year Old Boy

The Catcher in the Rye– Story Of A Young Sixteen Year Old Boy

“The Catcher in the Rye” is a story of a young sixteen year old kid named Holden Caulfield. Holden is informing this story in first person. Holden is a trainee of Pency Preparation an all kids school in Pennsylvania. The book starts in a rest home in California. Holden flashback to four days prior to the start of Christmas vacation. Holden is going to pay a visit to Mr. Spencer, his history instructor. Mr. Spencer is ill in bed suffering from the grippe. While there Mr. Spencer speaks with Holden about his poor grade on his last evaluation paper.

That Saturday Holden and his pal Mal Brossard, who is on the wrestling team, go to see a movie. They invite Ackley out of sympathy due to the fact that he never does anything Saturday night. After the young boys finnish playing pinball. Holden goes back to his space to compose a composition for his roomie Stradler. When Stradler comes back from his date with Jane Grallagher, a girl that Holden has a crush on, he does not like the structure. Holden and Stradler argue, then Holden punishes Stradler. Holden loses the fight. Holden goes to Ackleys space to talk, but Ackley doesn’t wish to talk so Holden leaves to search for Mal Bossard.

Holden begins to pack his bags after he decids not to look for Borssard. He walks to the train station due to the fact that it is far too late for a taxi. While there he cleans off the blood from the fight with some snow. He captures a train to New york city. On the train he satisfies a female who is the mom of one of his classmates. Holden is brought in to the females so he begins to lie about himself. When he shows up in New york city he get a space in the Edmont Hotel. Holden is thinking of staying in the hotel until Wednesday when he can go house. It is still Saturday night and Holden is tired so he goes to the club in the hotel.

The waiter will not serve him alcohol. At the next table there are 3 women who are giggling at him. Holden asks the ladies to dance. Holden find out that the women are from Seattle, Washington. After the girls leave the club Holden gets tired because there are no drinks are and no ladies, so he leave. In the lobby he sits down in a chair and considers Jane Gallagher. He practically goes crazy thinking of Jane and Stradler going out together. He stops thinking of her because he gets mad. Holden goes to Greenwich Town, to a club where his bro D. B. used to take him.

In the club he fulfills an old sweetheart of his brother’s. Holden leaves the club and walks house. In the hotel the elevator operator asks him if he wants a woman. Holden state yes to the guy and he goes up to his room to wait and get ready for the lady. Holden is nerves about making love. When the lady comes Holden and the girl talk an initially. Then Holden tells her to forget it he altered his mind. He pay her the five dollars for her trouble the girl states it’s 10 but he doesn’t pay her the rest. Maurice the elevator operator and Sony the woman of the street go back to get there 5 dollars.

Holden doesn’t wish to provide him the five dollars so Maurice threatens him. Holden provides him the money but Maurice does not let him of that simple, Muarice struck Holden consistently. When Mauroce and Sonny leave Holden takes a bath and sleeps. When he awakens that Sunday morning see that he is running short on cash so he have a look at of the hotel and put his bag in a locker in the Grand Central Station. He also made a date with a women called Sally Hayes. Holden consumed breakfast two nuns from Chicago. Hodlen surfaces his breakfast around midday.

He had two hours to kill prior to his date so went to Broadway. He bought a record for his sis Phoebe and ticket to a program for his date. He goes to Central Park to look for her however she wasn’t there so he took a taxi to Biltmore Hotel to meet Sally his date. They go to the theater to see I Know My Love, after they went to Radio City to ice skate. They get in to a argument due to the fact that Holden attempts to speak to her about marriage and she tells him to wait till after college. He get anger and informs her that she a royal pain in the ass. The date ends there.

After Holden takes Sally to her hotel he get a sandwich. He attempts to call Jane but there was no response. So, then he calls Carl Luce a older young boy that he knew. They deiced to fulfill at ten o’clock. Holden fulfills Carl Luce at the Wicker Bar. The 2 have beverages and speak about Holden’s sex life and how screw up it was. After the discussion Luce leaves and Holden remains in the bar and has some more beverages. Holden get intoxicated and goes to wash his face to sober up. He leaves the bar and walk to Central Park. While in the park he thinks that he is going to pass away so chosen heading house.

So, he stroll from the park to his apartment where his domesticity. When holden gets house he slips in silently. He goes to his siblings room but she was not there. Sometimes Phoebe like to sleep in D. B. room so he checks there. He wakes her up, in the beginning she is excited to see him but then see guess that he has actually been expelled so she does not want to speak with him anymore. Phoebe decided to talk with Holden once again, he tells her whatever. Holden then call Mr. Antolini. He convinced Mr. Antolini to see him. Phoebe offer Holden some cash and then their moms and dads came back so Holden conceals in the closet.

When his moms and dads go to bed he sneaks out of the apartment and got to Mr. Antolini home. They speak about Holden’s issues and try to analysis Holden. After a while of talking Holden goes to sleep. Holden awakens a few minutes later on and saw Mr. Antolini resting on the floor next to him patting his head. Holden was terrified and rapidly fled. It is Monday Early morning and Holden dropped off to sleep in the waiting space in Grand Central Station. Holden starts to think about the night before but then he reads a magazine to stop considering it.

Holden go to the Metropolitan Museum to meet Phoebe. Phoebe was late. When she got there she was carrying a travel suitcase. She decided to choose Holden. Holden tell her that she can not go with her and that she has to go back to school. They go to the zoo in the park and Phoebe trips the carrousel. Finally Holden decides to go house. This is where the flashback ends. In the next chapters Holden is talking with an analyst in the rest. Holden gets help and is going to get out of the rest home soon. He chooses to begin school in September.