The Crucible, Orenthal James Simpson

“We the jury in the above entitled action, find the defendant, Orenthal James Simpson, not guilty of the criminal offense of murder.” This well-known quote was made throughout the famous lawsuit of O. J.Simpson vs. the State of California over the murder of two individuals. What made this case so famous was all the proof the jury had that proved Simpson guilty, but was discovered not guilty in the end. The court, whether it be a single person or a jury, make errors daily. However in some cases they are not mistakes; they are acts of revenge or sympathy against that individual being implicated or, one of not knowing what else to do.

This court room speculation is seen in Arthur Millers unique The Crucible and the film, Excellent Night and All The Best. These 2 resources connect by a really comparable plot line even believed one is factual and the other is based off of facts. The resemblances and distinctions in between primary characters, John Proctor and Edward Murrow are seen by their human characteristics, actions they took and the results of those actions due to pressure by court cases. Edward Murrow and John Proctor are extremely comparable by certain qualities they brought while under court speculation and drama. Both men wanted to stand up for what they thought was right.

They were truthful men till the court and particular individuals wanted to take that far from them. John Proctor told the fact since unlike the court, he understood what he did and did refrain from doing. Proctor knew he was guilty of adultery however neither he nor his wife was involved in witchcraft which he was being accused of. Murrow did the precise very same thing in his reporting of the McCarthy trials, he wanted individuals to get the truth. He would go to remarkable lengths in reporting and drama with his company, CBS to inform the fact. One significant difference in the traits of these two guys was the quantity of assistance they had.

Edward Murrow was a family name that had audiences and colleagues behind him and supporting him even if their company disagreed. If Senator McCarthy verbally implicated Murrow of specific Soviet actions, press reporters would be right there to get proof to clear his name. John Proctor had less of an advantage in this element. It was him versus a town with only one female behind him that was in jail herself. Elizabeth Proctor pushed for her spouse even understanding of his affair and her being accused of witchcraft. These two guys had comparable qualities but one essential characteristic of support, which Proctor did not have, appeared to be a very essential one in the end.

Edward Murrow was reporting on falsely accused people while John Proctor was living it. The actions of these 2 males under the spotlight of allegations showed some resemblances and distinction in between them. Both guys attempted to clear their name of the false allegations set before them. Murrow looked into the eyes of the electronic camera and informed America he was not associated with Soviet relations. Even the report made by Senator McCarthy of Murrow being involved in a Soviet group twenty years ago, was shot down. John Proctor tried to clear his name as well however discovered it tough with the court informing him what and what not to do.

These 2 men had differences in their actions by how they set about them. Murrow completely investigated prior to claiming or saying anything to America. John nevertheless, not having as much assistance, made reasons and started accusing others of witchcraft. Proctor fell under the spell of the court and stated what would make them delighted so they would stop. He soon began not following his preliminary concept of telling the reality which Murrow kept through out the accusations and pressures from McCarthy and his manager, the CEO of Columbia Broadcast Systems. Each of these actions made by the males triggered the plot line to end with various impacts felt.

In the 2 story lines, both men were incorrectly implicated however resulted in different endings. John Proctor was implicated of witchcraft, which he tried but stopped working standing up for. Edward Murrow was implicated of being a communist however defended himself developing a various ending. Proctor, unlike Murrow, did not have the power and proof to clear his name of witchery and also had the accusation of infidelity. The impacts of his lack of support end with him being hanged of something he attempted to show to the court he did not do. Murrow on the other hand, had support and proof which triggered his story ending to be much various than Proctors.

Due to his quantity of decision and with the modern advances he had, Murrow became a legend for his reporting specifically during the McCarthy trials. He went to a brand-new level of reporting by standing up for himself and what he knew he was not, a communist. If Proctor had the contemporary media or even more assistance, one can just wonder how his result would have been affected. John Proctor and Edward Murrow, two stand apart characters of 2 different periods, share resemblances and distinctions in their qualities, actions taken and results of those actions.

These males were standing up for themselves versus strongly set accusers who treated them as if they devoted horrific criminal offenses. Whether John did devote witchcraft of Edward was a communist is eclipsed by the way people accused and examined the men or did not investigate in John’s case. The creditability of the court system is highly questioned after reading The Crucible and viewing Excellent Night and Best of luck and makes one wonder how reliable and reasonable are the American courts really are.