The Crucible and Thesis Statement

The Crucible and Thesis Statement

Literary Analysis Style Essay Prompt and Cover Sheet Do not lose this; you will require to turn it in! ESSAY PROMPT: What does Arthur Miller state about one of the following topics through The Crucible? What would the Puritans consider his options? Please choose one of the subjects below:|Appearance v. Reality|Is this play sexist or reasonable about gender?|| Human Ruthlessness in the Name of Righteousness|Compare the characters of Abigail and Elizabeth– how does Miller utilize each?|The Idealized v. Scorned Lady|What is Reverend Hale’s change throughout the play meant to interact?|| The Role of Sexuality and Sexual Repression|How does the tension between spiritual desires and physical desires shape The Crucible?|| Explain how the title of The Crucible is an excellent metaphor for|Explain how John Proctor is or is not a hero for today’s reader.|Miller’s play|| Bear in mind that these are only subjects. In order to be considered a style, the analytical writer should make a declaration about these topics, describing their significance to the main meaning of the work. Indicate keep in mind: 1. Your essay must provide an insightful thesis, with extensive explanation. No thesis, no grade. 2. The minimum variety of paragraphs is 4. 3.

Follow the MLA guidelines for typing an essay, which include: – All drafts need to be typed – Double-spaced – Times New Roman or Arial, Pt. Size 12 – Correct parenthetical citation format 4. Body paragraphs need to contain a minimum of two pieces of proof (direct quotation from the text). Puritanism Essay Yes-Test All products need to get a “yes” in order for your essay to be graded. First time pass: no reduction 2nd time pass: 10% reduction 3rd time pass: 25% reduction A paper that does not pass the yes-test on the 3rd submission will receive a no. Right MLA page setup and formatting|Yes (| No (||Clearly stated thesis|||| Essay includes an introduction, body, and concluding paragraph(s)|||| Body paragraphs include evidence from the text|||| All in-text citations are consisted of and are formatted according to MLA standards|||We will have some time in class dedicated to dealing with these, however you will not be able to end up the entire essay throughout class time. Grading Rubric Traits Represented|||||||Goes beyond basic|Meets basic|Advancing to basic|Below standard|| Content|Focus|Maintains remarkable concentrate on|Maintains constant focus on|Offers irregular focus on|Demonstrates little or no|||(20 pts)|the topic; has a one sentence|the topic & & has a one|the topic & & thesis declaration is|focus & & no thesis declaration.|||| thesis declaration that plainly|sentence thesis declaration|uncertain.|||||responses the prompt.|that answers the timely. (12,13)|(11 and listed below)|||| (17,18,19,20)|(14,15,16)|||||Concrete Details/|Offers sufficient proof|Provides appropriate proof|Includes some proof, but may|Includes irregular or|||Supporting|(17,18,19,20)|(14,15,16)|consist of extraneous or loosely|little proof which may|||Proof (20 pts)|||associated material|hinder the significance of|||||| (12,13)|the text|||||||(11 and listed below)|||Commentary/Analysi|Importance of proof plainly|Significance of proof plainly|Meaning of evidence|Little or no analysis on|||s|and efficiently described in|explained the majority of the time|sometimes explained|evidence|||(20 pts)|all cases|(14, 15, 16)|(12, 13)|(11 and below)|||| (17,18,19,20)|||||Organizatio|Coherence|Organizational pattern is|Organizational pattern is|Attains little completeness & &|Little evidence of|| n|(15 pts)|logical &&; communicates completeness|logical; conveys efficiency|wholeness though company|organization or any sense of|||| & & wholeness|& & wholeness with few lapses attempted|wholeness & & completeness|||| (14, 15)|(12,13)|(11)|(10 and below)|||Shifts|Supplies transitions that|Provides transitions which|Offers shifts which are|Utilizes bad shifts or fails|||(5 pts)|eloquently serve to link|serve to connect ideas|weak or inconsistent|to provide transitions|||| concepts|(4)|(3)|(2 and listed below)|||| (5)|||||Style|Word Choice|Uses efficient language; makes|Utilizes reliable language & &|Limited & predictable|Has a limited or improper|||(5 pts)|engaging, suitable word|suitable word options for|vocabulary, possibly not|vocabulary for the designated|||| options for audience & & function|designated audience & & function|proper for desired|audience & & function|||| (5)|(4)|audience & & purpose|(2 and below)|||||| (3)|||| Sentence Fluency|Sentences/phrases properly|Sentences/phrases rather|Shows restricted variety in|Has little or no variety in|||(5 pts)|differed in length & & structure|differed in length & & structure|sentence length & & structure|sentence length & & structure|||| (5)|(4)|(3)|(2 and listed below)|||Conventions|Regularly follows the guidelines|Normally follows the guidelines|Usually does not follow the|Does not follow the rules of|||(10 pts)|of Standard English for|for Standard English for|guidelines of Standard English for|Basic English for|||| conventions, consisting of MLA|conventions, including MLA|conventions, consisting of MLA|conventions, ncluding MLA|||| formatting|formatting|formatting|formatting|||| (9,10)|(7,8)|(6)|(5 and below)|| Total|Glows:|Grows:|Essay Template: What must be consisted of, paragraph by paragraph: Introduction Hook (use TUPAC to draw your reader in) Background Information (briefly summarize the book’s plot) Thesis Statement (one sentence statement of your paper’s essence and the 3 subjects of your body paragraphs) Body Paragraph One 1.

Establish the paragraph’s topic (the very first topic in your Thesis Declaration). 2. Sum up any plot events you need to (a couple of sentences– no more!) 3. First piece of Proof (a quote from The Crucible) 4. Analysis Sentences-two or more sentences of plainly and insightfully describing how your quote shows the subject of your paragraph 5. 2nd piece of Evidence (a quote from The Crucible) 6. Analysis Sentences-two or more sentences of clearly and insightfully discussing how your quote shows the topic of your paragraph 7. Shift sentence to next topic Body Paragraph Two 1. Establish the paragraph’s topic (the second subject in your Thesis Statement). 2.

Summarize any plot events you need to (one or two sentences– no more!) 3. First piece of Evidence (a quote from The Crucible) 4. Analysis Sentences-two or more sentences of plainly and insightfully describing how your quote shows the topic of your paragraph 5. 2nd piece of Evidence (a quote from The Crucible) 6. Analysis Sentences-two or more sentences of clearly and insightfully discussing how your quote shows the subject of your paragraph 7. Transition sentence to next topic Conclusion This must be 4 or more sentences long, analyzing what the actual real-life Puritans would think of Arthur Miller’s take on the subject you picked.

Make particular referral to their way of life and beliefs! End with what lesson the contemporary reader can draw from this essay. Thesis Statement Workshop: What is a thesis statement? It is one sentence that gives the Main point of your paper and your Subjects in one sentence. Why have a thesis declaration? The thesis statement is a clear indication of what the essay will check out and in what order. It acts as a roadmap for your reader, letting them understand the organization of your essay. Where does my thesis declaration go in my essay? Your thesis declaration will be the last line of your intro. How do I make a thesis declaration? Put your Essence and three Topics in one sentence! Example: Essence|Subjects|| Arthur Miller uses The Crucible to that specific|From the beginning John Proctor follows his own heart, not what authority tells him|| liberty is more crucial than strict control and|The attempts to bring “order” results in more mayhem and limitations flexibility|| order|John’s choice at the end values specific freedom over order|| Thesis Declaration:|| Although societies typically provide itself to conformity, Arthur Miller utilizes The Crucible to reveal that private freedom is more crucial than stringent|| control and order.|Your Turn:|Main Idea (What does Miller think about the subject you chose?)|Topics|||1.|||||||| 2.|||||||||3.|||| Thesis Declaration:|||||||||||||||REVEAL ME YOUR THESIS STATEMENT BEFORE YOU CARRY ON! Body Paragraph One|What is happening in the play at this point? no more than two sentences)|| Subject Sentence (this need to be the very first topic from your Thesis Declaration):|||||| CD/EVIDENCE 1: (Quote proving your 2nd subject)|CM/Analysis: How does this piece of Proof prove Arthur Miller’s viewpoint? (two+ sentences) This explains not what happens, but how|||what happens shows what the author thinks!|||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Page Number|||CD/EVIDENCE 2: (Quote proving your second topic)|CM/Analysis: How does this piece of Proof prove Arthur Miller’s opinion? 2+ sentences) This describes not what occurs, however how|||what takes place shows what the author believes|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Page Number||

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If you submit this sheet successfully, you have your paragraph nearly done! Body Paragraph Two|What is happening in the play at this point? (no more than 2 sentences)|| Topic Sentence (this should be the 2nd topic from your Thesis Declaration):|||||| CD/Evidence 1: (Quote proving your second subject)|CM/Analysis: How does this piece of Proof prove Arthur Miller’s viewpoint? 2+ sentences) This describes not what takes place, however how|||what occurs reveals what the author thinks|||||||||||||||||||||||||| Page Number|||CD/Evidence 2: (Quote proving your 2nd topic)|Cm/Analysis: How does this piece of Evidence show Arthur Miller’s viewpoint? 2+ sentences) This describes not what happens, however how|||what takes place reveals what the author thinks|||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Page Number|| If you fill out this sheet effectively, you have your paragraph nearly done! Intro Workshop The introduction is the established for your entire paper! If you do not get your readers here and set them up for an interesting trip, your essay will appear flat! Introduction components: 1. Hook Much like the chorus of a song, the hook gets your readers. GET THEIR ATTENTION! Think of utilizing TUPAC to get attention. These techniques can all work– try them out! T ell a story U se a quote P frown at a fact

A sk a concern C ause a stir 2. Background Details This gives brief information about the text, in this case The Crucible. Give a brief summary of the play and discuss Arthur Miller’s name so that readers who have not read it have some info to go on. 3. Thesis Statement Your thesis declaration need to be the last line of your intro. It is a clear declaration of your position for your paper. Take your thesis statement from earlier in the packet.|Hook|||Which TUPAC method|||did you utilize?|||||||||||||| Background|||Information|||||||||||||||Thesis Statement|||||||||||||| Conclusion Workshop The conclusion is the last taste of your paper. Much like how a rotten bite of food after a great meal can ruin it, a poor conclusion can drag down the rest of your essay. Conclusions can be hard; to make it much easier, I am offering you a particular objective. Your conclusion needs to evaluate how the Puritans would feel about Miller’s opinion. You must include particular referrals to the Puritans’ beliefs: Tenets of Puritanism (1620– 1720)|| Subject|Attitudes/Beliefs|| Fixation with sin and redemption|Original Sin|| Faith|Human beings exist for magnificence of God and to fulfill God’s will|| History|Predestination|| Didactic|Effort and discipline result in salvation|| Autobiography|Spiritual application to all occasions|| 6. Hymns|Strong belief in education|||Plain design of writing was best|The Puritans would agree/disagree with your thesis about The Crucible due to the fact that …|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 1. Compare the functions that Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail Williams play in The Crucible. 2. What role does sex, and sexual repression, play in The Crucible? 3. Why are Danforth, Hathorne, and the other authorities so resistant to thinking the claim that Abigail and the other ladies are lying? 4. What kind of government does Salem have? What function does it play in the action? 5. Analyze Reverend Parris. What are his motivations in supporting the witch trials? 6. Go over the modifications that Reverend Hale goes through in the course of the play.