The Crucible Character Analysis: Abigail Williams

The Crucible Character Analysis: Abigail Williams

The Ultimate Schemer One of the main characters of the play The Crucible, Abigail Williams, is the most spiteful and least complicated character throughout the entire play. She is the bad guy of the play, much more than Parris or Danforth. She is on the lower end of the social hierarchy; the only individuals listed below her were servants like Tituba. Abigail Williams have wicked character traits that provide her a negative understanding. She is a jezebel figure who does not have sensations, an unethical character who does not have principles and a manipulative individual who lacks a conscience.

Abigail’s equivalent is a jezebel figure. A jezebel figure is frequently connected with a lady who is considered wicked and scheming. Abigail’s evil can be translucented her interactions with the other females of the play. For instance, she threatens Betty and Mary Warren by saying, “Let either of you breathe a word, or the edge of a word about the other things and I will pertain to you in the black of some horrible night and i will a pointy numeration that will shudder you” (The Crucible, Act 1).

In addition she is computing since she crafts a plot that send 19 innocent individuals to their deaths. Her evil and computing methods undermines the future of the other characters and is just for her self-centered gain. Abigail posses an immoral personality and many of her actions are dishonest. She wants something and something only, John Proctor, a married man. She participates in cheating and constructs a web of lies. She knows that it is a sin to have sex with a family man however continues to proclaim her love for him, “I will not, i can not!

You enjoyed me, John Proctor, and whatever sin it is you enjoy me yet!” (The Crucible, Act 1). In connection with the cheating she rests on Elizabeth, Proctor’s spouse, and says her spirit stabbed her when in reality she stabbed herself. Comparable to her absence of feelings it shows how unethical, dishonest, and self-centered she actually is. Abigail shows a lack of regret and a conscience due to the fact that rather of admitting she continues to lie. Moreover she encourages the other ladies to lie along with her. She uses her shrewd speech and risks to influence the others.

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For instance in the woods she states, “I wish to open myself … I want the light of God, I desire the sweet love of Jesus! I danced for the Devil; I saw him, I composed in his book; I return to Jesus; I kiss his hand. I saw Sarah Good with the Devil! I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil! I saw Bridget Bishop with the Devil!” (The Crucible, Act 2). She said this to leave an impression on the others. The others follow her since they are intimidated by her. Abigail never shows any remorse about adversely influencing the others.

Abigail’s callous nature stems partially from previous trauma; she is an orphan who viewed her parents get murdered by Indians. This is still no reason for her iniquitous actions. Dishonest, immoral, and manipulative are best adjectives to explain Abigail’s character and in the end she gains nothing. She does not have John Proctor since he is performed and 19 innocent individuals have actually passed away. There are other characters in the play that can be considered bad guys however she is without a doubt the most evil. She is the ultimate schemer.