The Crucible, Conflict Brings Out the Worst in People Essay.

The Crucible, Conflict Brings Out the Worst in Individuals Essay.conflicts can bring out the worst in people. This is specifically true in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. Puritan life in 17th century Massachusetts was governed by stringent guidelines of behavior. Puritanism did not motivate individualism, rather the life of the community depended on the devotion of the followers as a whole. This unit habits contributed in the survival of the nest in the ruthless environment of 17th century Northeastern United States. Their religion needed them to act honorably towards their fellow guys and to help each other. “Even though Puritans were expected to reside in harmony with each other, disputes arose over land rights, livestock sales and jealousy. As the conflicts festered, in addition to concealed animosity in conjunction with the hysteria of witchcraft, individuals began to attribute their losses and misery to using black magic by their next-door neighbors. As soon as this started, the causal sequence, or guilt by association was remarkable. There are many things that highlight the worst in people. It can come from being jealous of people to faith, and greed.

In the case of Salem, conflict did bring out the worst in individuals. But it is not always the case, dispute is a natural part of any relationship, household or neighborhood. The characters, just as Miller intends, alienate the audience since of their self-interest and speed to enable worry to overwhelm any genuine desire to find out the fact. The audience grieves for the suffering of the truly excellent characters– Rebecca Nurse, Giles Corey and Elizabeth Proctor. John Proctor, the problematic hero of the play, may have caught the

temptations of the flesh with Abigail Williams, but he redeems himself in the end, recognizing that conserving himself through lying will not deal with the conflict overwhelming his village of Salem. He goes to his death knowing that there is’some shred of goodness in John Proctor’, exposing Abigail Williams and stopping the conflict within Salem. The worst side of the individual might be deep within however, the reality of that person’s real identity, you can be ensured will constantly come out once put under the tension of the dispute in

scenario. This is checked out through the character of Abigail Williams. Her motivations seem to be a basic dispute of jealousy and a desire to look for vengeance on Elizabeth Proctor. In contrast to the actions and inspirations of Abigail succumbed to the temptation of self interest that came her method with dispute was that was raised within the neighborhood. Although The Crucible is based upon true occasions, it was likewise based on a period of time throughout 1950-1954. The Salem witch-hunts contrasted with the McCarthy age in the time where there were heightened fears of communism affecting American institutions and espionage by soviet representatives. Your Home of Un-American Activities Committee caused lots of people to blame others of communist activity to conserve themselves from losing their tasks. The well known Senator McCarthy was the greatest contributor to ratting out anybody whom might be likely to recommend him for communist activity. Effecting thousands, individuals were required to save themselves by blaming others whom were not able to defend the allegations. But it can be sure that conflict has the ability to draw out the worst in individuals as checked out through Abigail Williams. Nevertheless it can likewise bring out the very best as revealed through John Proctor.

Dispute in society in the 1960s and even today can have either have an unfavorable or positive affect on the person depending upon their existing individual strengths, existing circumstance and history, and will power to decide from what is right, incorrect and what is simply a much easier choice.