The Crucible: John Proctors Relationships with Other Characters

The Crucible: John Proctors Relationships with Other Characters

An audience viewing this play would see John as a rebel partially due to the fact that of his relationships with the other characters. PARRIS It appears that Parris and Proctor have really low opinions of each other; Proctor does not go to church every Sunday anymore since he doesn’t believe that Parris makes it about God anymore- just about penalties and hell- and Proctor would much rather plough his fields rather. Their opinion of each other doesn’t alter much throughout the play- if anything it gets lower. PROCTOR: I have trouble enough without I come five mile to hear him preach just about hellfire and bloody damnation. Take it to heart Mr Parris. There are lots of others who stay away from church nowadays because you seldom point out God any longer.” Here Proctor is mentioning clearly what everybody is thinking but in a far more sincere and persistent method. “Take it to heart Mr Parris” is what shows the audience that he does not like him at all as he is purposefully upseting Parris utilizing the relationship he has with God. GOD

His relationship with God isn’t an extremely strong one either- partially caused by the reality that he does not attend church weekly. There are also other factors which lead us to believe he is not a really spiritual man: His last child was not baptized (which he confesses in front of an important judge later in the play), it seems as if he keeps attempting to overthrow the court, which would be a really serious offense, particularly in the present condition their town remained in where no one could rely on anyone else and he commits adultery which remains in the 10 commandments.

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In act two Hale asks Proctor to recite the rules to him and he stammers and pauses as he recites them, neglecting the one about dedicating adultery. ABIGAIL Abigail is Parris’s niece and Proctors ex-maid. He had an affair with her while she worked for him, but he rejects it to her face exclaiming that they “never touched” that makes her definitely outraged and leaves her desiring revenge on him for casting her aside. He calls her “Abby” revealing that they utilized to be familiar with each other but when she calls his better half sickly he snaps back with “You’ll speak nothin’ of Elizabeth!, revealing that he still appreciates his spouse and feels guilty about what he’s done. ELIZABETH Elizabeth is Proctor’s other half. She clearly knows about his affair, as when he can’t state the rule about infidelity she “delicately” helps him out and in the phase instructions it says “(as though a secret arrow had pained his heart)… (attempting to grin it away … )” which tells us that he knows that she understands that makes him feel guilty and as though he has made a substantial mistake since she’s being so kind and client with him even when she knows what he’s done.

At the end of the play Proctor tries to safeguard her and conserve her, this probably comes from the regret that he’s attempting to offset. Elizabeth treats him with kindness when they have company and in the end it seems as if she has grown to like him again since of what he’s attempting to do for her and what he is willing to quit to show her innocence. In the beginning he treats her back with the same formal generosity however grows frantic when she is implicated, showing the audience that he isn’t just a rebel or had by the devil, however that he is a caring and thoughtful guy too.