“The Crucible” Lust For Power

“The Crucible” Lust For Power

Thomas Jefferson as soon as said, “Power is not attractive to pure minds”. This quote could fit in perfectly with the type of minds there are in _ The Crucible. _ Pure minds do not desire power, which leads any reader to believe that Abigail Williams does not have a pure mind. In the play she is continuously telling on individuals getting them thrown in prison and hanged. Nevertheless, she simply wanted the attention of a certain male that she enjoyed with a burning passion. In Arthur Miller’s _ The Crucible _ Abigail Williams lust for power causes mass hysteria in the town of Salem.

Salem is a little Puritan town in Massachusetts. The Puritan society felt that God is sovereign; Guy is wicked, and absolutely nothing seeking power. Puritans think that anything anybody says about somebody holds true till tested incorrect, “The individuals should be purged separately so that the community as a whole might be preserved”(Miller 1223). For example, Abby was snitching on everybody but when she was called out, she denied expressively. John Proctor’s better half fired Abby and when Rev Parris, Abby’s daddy, inquired about it, Abby struck back by stating, “My name is good in the town!

I will not have it said my name is soiled! Goody Proctor is a gossiping liar,” (Miller 1221). A lot of the time individuals that get a taste of power normally turn greedy. They desire anyone they do not like to vanish and anything they say to be done in an immediate. Abby was getting greedy so she decided to get rid of individuals that were on her bad side, “I saw Goody Hawkins, Booth, Sibber with the devil” (Miller 1235). It does not matter that these individuals were innocent; the judge believed Abigail and tossed the women in prison. All these squabbles seem to be celebrations seized upon by individuals in order to assert their rights in an essentially oppressive society” (Bonett). Abby took every opportunity she had to get another person in jail, nearly every time the judge and her were together she was getting another individual in trouble. For instance, Abby, in addition to the other women, was in the space while they were checking on Betty, the sister that lost consciousness in the woods. However she was fabricating, and started screaming names in order to draw attention far from their selves.

Likewise while John had Mary Warren in the court space prepared to admit, Abby wound up turning the tables and getting John thrown in prison after getting Mary Warren so terrified that she decided to not confess and alter her mind in the middle of the court room. A consistent desire for power and a pervasive acquisitiveness make up for their low station. The ladies want power, power, and more power and will do anything to get it. The keep pushing for people to be thrown in prison that have actually done them incorrect in their mind.

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Nevertheless, all the ladies wished to do was cast a number of spells to get what they want. When they get captured is when they start getting everyone else in difficulty to conserve their own butts. Their low station is what is causing them to inform, they are insecure about being caught and hung that they get everybody that may tell on them or that they have a grudge versus such as Elizabeth. The girls’ lust for power leaves no one honest. Everything began in the start when they got captured conjuring spells in the forest.

When Abby tells her dad “typical dancing is all”” it were only soup” (Miller 1232). That was only the very first lie, it stimulated a whole town into lying. Functions Cited Bolton, Gavin. “A lesson designed originally from adolescence” contemporary theatre evaluation, 10. 2 (2000) academic search premier. Ebsco. 18 Nov. 2011 http://library. msstate. edu/magnolia Miller, Auther. “The Crucible”. Aspects of literature. Ed Kylene Beers. Fifth edition. Austin: Holt, Rinart, and Winston, 2007. 1219-1270