The Downfall of Victor Frankenstein

He was looked after and enjoyed by his moms and dads, as Is shown when he says “They appeared to draw Endless shops of affection from a very mine of love to bestow upon me” (Shelley 22). Victor likewise lived conveniently and without hardship, his moms and dads even so much as taking In another kid. With Elizabeth now In the family, he also found out about morals and responsibility, as shown when he mentions, “l, with childish seriousness.

Interpreted her words literally and considered Elizabeth as mine– my own to safeguard, eve, and treasure” (Shelley 23) Victor was adequately raised with the right morals and an understanding of responsibility.

Victor Frankincense’s abrupt degeneration of character starts as his mom’s health fades away and when he begins participating in the university of Magnolias. It is proved that his mindset is out of balance when he specifies, “My internal being remained in a state of insurrection and chaos” (Shelley 36). As his mental health ends up being unstable, he then becomes obsessed with science, making it his highest concern, even above his own health and household. Victor then suddenly ended up being taken in with the principle of producing life artificially, and of the elixir of life.

Although Victor does prosper in his dream of producing life, he is quickly frightened at the sight of what he has actually produced. He is not happy with the Animal, however disgusted at the sight of it, stating, “the beauty of the dream had disappeared, and breathless scary and disgust filled my heart” (Shelley 57) Victor deserts his development and leaving it to look after itself, indirectly triggering the murders of loved ones n account of his own shallowness, selfishness, vanity, and neglect of moral obligation.

As the novel advances, Victor ends up being concerned only for his well- being, and does not hide his contempt for the Animal. Both Victor’s self-serving attitude and ego shines through when he Is more concerned for his own life, than the life of Justice’s, when he condescendingly mentions, “… I have actually confessed myself guilty of the criminal activities ascribed to Justine, but such a statement would have been considered he ravings of a madman” (Shelley 66) Victor likewise shows no factor to consider In holding his contempt for the Animal, and the Creature becomes painfully aware of his creator’s sensations towards him.