The Grapes of Wrath V. to Kill a Mockingbird

The Grapes of Rage V. to Eliminate a Mockingbird

Although not precisely the very same, The Grapes of Wrath and To Kill A Mockingbird are similar because the significant conflicts in each handle 2 individuals groups, among which thinks that they are superior to the other. This is shown in The Grapes of Rage by the conflict triggered by the Great Depression between the federal government camps and migrant employees. In To Eliminate a Mockingbird, it is seen due to the fact that of the common belief of white supremacy over blacks. The Grapes of Wrath, set throughout the Great Anxiety, demonstrates how the majority of the government camp officials treated the migrant employees.

When the Joad family reached the first camp, they were given the bare minimum that was needed for them to live. The house was little and they were paid just what they had to have. Quickly, due to the fact that of the large amount of individuals that had come for work, their pay was cut a lot more. This time, however, the pay was so low that it was difficult for all of them to live off of. The government officials felt that they could do this since they were the workers only way to work and attend to their households.

This developed tension in between the workers and the officials due to the fact that they required work, however they were not getting paid enough to endure. The camp authorities had the ability to utilize the desperateness of the workers to have a large quantity of employees and only pay them half of what they usually would. The dispute between the authorities and workers only grew as more individuals came for work and they continued to lower the pay. Throughout the 1930’s in the south, the major conflict in the neighborhoods was between blacks and whites.

Many individuals followed the concept of white supremacy, which is demonstrated in To Kill A Mockingbird. In the book, tension in between people is shown from the very starting when Harper Lee describes how the people in the town work. The whites mainly stay to themselves and look down on any black people because they believe they are lower than them. During the court case of Tom, racism is clearly revealed as the court still finds Tom guilty without proof. Although not all, the majority of people in the town believe that blacks are underneath whites which they are worthy of to be dealt with as so.

These two books connect through the conflicts between people that they show. Although not precisely the same type of problem, it produces stress in between people and has significant effects in the story. The problem in between government camp authorities and migrant employees demonstrates how tough the Great Depression was for certain people. The problem in between racial groups likewise show how hard the time duration of the 1930’s was for certain individuals. Both The Grapes of Rage and To Kill A Mockingbird are comparable due to the fact that of the disputes in between people that they reveal.