The Hate U Give Summary and Analysis of Chapters 13 – 15

Summary of Chapters 13 – 15

Mr. Lewis has been beaten up by a group of King Lords. Initially, Maverick believes that the King Lords were upset about Mr. Lewis’s TELEVISION interview; however Mr. Lewis tells him that the gang was trying to find DeVante, considering that he stole $5,000 from King. Radical decides to take DeVante to the safety of Carlos’s home, and the family drives over. Starr is distressed to find out that Carlos was placed on leave from the police; she blames herself. Carlos accepts let DeVante stick with him and help him through online school, although Starr’s grandmother disapproves.

As Carlos begins to tell DeVante about the rules of living in his home, Chris calls the doorbell. He saw the household’s automobile and wanted to examine Starr since she missed out on school that day. Starr tells Maverick that Chris is her partner, and he responds madly due to the fact that Chris is white– and because, obviously, Carlos currently understood. DeVante likewise makes a disparaging remark to Starr since he thinks Chris is trying to act black. Chris and Starr sit at the counter talking; they start kissing, and Lisa walks in, embarrassing them. Starr asks her mother about the fight she had with Radical over moving out of Garden Heights.

DeVante and Starr sit at the cooking area table eating graham crackers and speaking about Khalil. DeVante tells Starr that Khalil wasn’t a King Lord– he turned King down, so King put a gray bandanna on his body in an effort to save face– and that the factor Khalil sold drugs was to repay his mom’s debt after she took money from King. DeVante describes that he and his brother joined the King Lords for the financial support and the possibility to be taken care of.

Starr leaves Carlos’s and walks to Maya’s house. She discovers Hailey and Maya playing a computer game in Maya’s bedroom, and although she joins them, awkwardness hangs over the space. Hailey acknowledges the tension, and Starr admits that she’s upset at Maya and Hailey for taking part in the disingenuous protest. Maya asks forgiveness, however Hailey declines, and firmly insists that Starr apologize for accusing her of being racist.

The three reverse to the TV. An interview with the dad of Brian Cruise, Jr.– the officer who shot Khalil– is using a news station. Cruise’s dad insists that Khalil was speeding and threatened his child. He also says that Cruise was physically attacked by a fellow officer, which Starr understands must be Carlos. After the interview, Hailey states that she feels bad for Cruise’s household, given that his life matters too. Starr madly replies that his life always matters more. Starr asks Hailey why she unfollowed her Tumblr; Hailey reacts that it’s since she does not know who Starr is any longer, and storms out.

Maya tells Starr that Hailey was lying– she unfollowed Starr’s Tumblr due to the fact that she didn’t wish to see photos connecting to black power. Maya, who is Chinese, likewise reveals that Hailey as soon as asked her if her family ate a feline for Thanksgiving; Maya had actually laughed since she felt unpleasant, and Starr had laughed too. Starr and Maya agree not to let Hailey get away with making more racist comments.

After socializing with Maya, Starr walks back to Carlos’s. She marvels to find him consuming a beer; he doesn’t drink since his and Lisa’s mom is an alcoholic and was violent to her kids. Carlos admits that he punched Officer Cruise due to the fact that he was angry that Cruise had actually pointed his gun at Starr. He also tells Starr that he was sure that he wouldn’t have eliminated Khalil had he been in Cruise’s position.

On the morning of the day Starr needs to talk with the DA, Lisa takes her to IHOP for breakfast. Lisa notices that Starr isn’t consuming and asks her what’s incorrect, and Starr informs her about her battle with Hailey. They head back to Garden Heights so Starr can become nicer clothing. At your home, they find that Radical has actually burnt breakfast; he and Lisa bicker.

Radical and Lisa take Starr to the office of Karen Monroe, the DA. Starr addresses her concerns about the occasions surrounding Khalil’s death, but when it’s time to recount the real shooting, she gets sick and begins vomiting. As her parents assist her back to the car, Starr resents that she can feel others pitying her.

Radical takes Starr to the store for the rest of the day. He confesses that he was upset Starr was dating a white kid since he thought it meant that he hadn’t set a good example of a black guy, but Starr assures him that he has set a fine example of a man no matter race. All of a sudden, a gray BMW pulls up, and King approaches Radical to ask where DeVante is. Radical firmly insists that he does not understand, and King threatens him that Starr better not implicate the King Lords from her platform as the witness of Khalil’s death.

Radical is shaken afterward, and he closes the store early. He and Starr pick up dinner from Reuben’s on the way home. At supper, Lisa reveals some great news: she has an interview for the Pediatrics Nursing Supervisor position at Markham Memorial Health center– a high-paying position. Maverick consents to move out of Garden Heights. However, 7 firmly insists that he won’t go to a college far from house since he wants to secure his sisters, who are often subjected to King’s abuse.

Analysis of Chapters 13 – 15

Maverick’s reaction to Chris represents a racialized attitude toward romantic relationships. It’s reflective of a cultural norm that dictates same-race relationships for several races. As a protective daddy figure, Radical is naturally cautious of any young boy that Starr selects to date, and the truth that Chris is white more complicates this protectiveness. Radical’s mindset toward well-known females of color who date white guys already made Starr worried about informing her father about her relationship.

The interview with Officer Cruise’s dad is not surprisingly frustrating for Starr to view. It’s a protective interview that is full of untruths. While Cruise is attempting to safeguard his kid from the court of popular opinion, Starr’s knowledge of the occasions as they actually happened contrasts greatly with the narrative that Cruise reports. A lot more challenging for Starr to hear is Hailey’s reaction, which typifies the response of a white perspective on police violence.

Both prior to and after talking about the interview, Hailey continues to display a casual bigotry towards both Starr and Maya. Her attitude is totally unapologetic; she declines even to engage in conversation with her pals about why her remarks might be offensive to them. This closed-mindedness shows a larger difficulty of having an efficient conversation about race in America.

Due to the fact that feelings of pity and defensiveness are consolidated white benefit, Hailey does not wish to acknowledge that her perspectives are disturbing to her non-white buddies. In addition, Hailey seems to securely think that she is not being racist. Despite her excellent intentions, she makes offensive remarks– and after that refuses to listen to Starr and Maya’s side of the story.

Starr and her household also battle with the choice of whether or not to move out of Garden Heights. There are numerous parts to the decision: the need to remain safe, the ability to manage a bigger house, the desire to assist others in Garden Heights, and the pull of a location that has actually always been house. The decision of whether to remain is a significant source of tension in between Maverick and Lisa. Both want to provide neighborhood and support to their next-door neighbors, and to prevent being viewed as sell-outs; however, Lisa is identified to move since she wants her children to be in a much safer environment.