The Impact of Drugs in “Sonny’s Blues”

In “Sonny’s Blues,” Baldwin explores the impact of drugs on the users and their families. The abuse of heroin leads to the damage of artistic talent, lives, and relationships with the family members. Sonny utilizes drugs as a way of leaving from an environment that is depressive, stressful and full of suffering. Baldwin restrains from judging Sonny because of his addiction problems due to the fact that he wants to draw out the devastating effects of drug abuse and the function that the brain plays in the abuse of drugs. Whereas millions of people might be facing the issue of drug addiction, sending them to prison is not a viable treatment (Eagleman 203). The concern of drug addiction lies within the brain; therefore, it is essential to develop techniques that will focus on the operations of the brain to enhance the capability of drug abuser to exercise impulse control.

Drug addiction is challenging to get rid of due to the fact that when one is connected to drugs, he or she wishes to use them continually. Sonny explains what it feels to be high on heroin when he says that “When she was singing before,” said Sonny, abruptly, “her voice advised me for a minute of what heroin feels like often– when it’s in your veins. It makes you feel sort of warm and cool at the very same time” (Baldwin 17). Here, sonny means that it takes guts to withstand the temptation of attempting heroin when you have tasted it because it makes one feel high. The contrast in between heroin and the shooting music indicates that once a person has actually taken the heroine, he or she experiences pleasure principle and feels to be in another world. Therefore, the only thing that a person thinks of when using the heroine is the sensation she or he gets at that minute and not the long-lasting repercussions of the drug on the body. Sonny plunged into the now-versus- the-future fight that is why he did not think about the long-term effects of drug abuse. He wanted to get enjoyment from the drugs at that minute. Eagleman composes that “to the brain, the future can just ever be a pale shadow of the now. The power of now discusses why people make choices that feel proficient at the minute however have poor consequences in the future: people who take a beverage or a drug hit despite the fact that they understand they shouldn’t (191 ). At the moment when Sonny was abusing the heroine, he did not care whether it was going to damage his life and the relationship with his bro. All that he wanted at that moment was to feel high. For that reason, the choice to utilize drugs is an ideal manifestation of now-versus-the-future battle in the brain.

Especially, impulse control is an ideal technique for handling drug dependency since the brain manages the element of drug dependency. To elaborate, Sonny exemplifies impulse control when he states that “often I believe I’m going to flip and never ever get outside, and often I think I’ll come straight back. I inform you something, though, I ‘d rather blow my brains out than go through this once again” (Baldwin 16). Sonny compares the impacts of heroin to a shooting music to show that drug dependency is effective and hinders the capability of one to think clearly. Overcoming drug addiction is challenging, however Sonny limits himself from going back to them because of his experiences with them. Sonny asserts that he is prepared to die instead of returning to prison because of drug abuse. His realization of the unsafe implications of substance abuse makes him work out impulse control and therefore does not fall under the temptation of utilizing drugs again. Eagleman explains that “due to the fact that the issue with drug addiction depends on the brain, it’s possible that the solutions lie there too. One method is to tip the balance of impulse control” (202 ). For that reason, the people that have an interest in stopping drugs for good ought to discover to manage their impulses so that they can not be lured to go back to the drugs once they have stopped. Impulse control can be beneficial when one considers the long-lasting implications of the substance abuse whenever he or she is lured to go back to the drugs.

Additionally, social interactions are essential for all individuals because they give them a sense of belonging. To elaborate, in “Sonny’s Blues’, the storyteller underscores the significance of social relationships when he says that “and he dealt with these other people as though they were his household and I weren’t. So I got mad, and then he got mad, and after that I told him that he might simply as well be dead as live the way he was living” (Baldwin 13). Sonny’s brother does not understand him that is why he opts to find other individuals that comprehend him and his preferences for jazz music. He feels that his bro is not a part of his household because he does not appreciate him for whom he is, and he does not comprehend that jazz music is considerable in his life. Sonny’s brother is ravaged since he feels that Sonny does not consider him to be his bro. The musical family is crucial is Sonny’s life due to the fact that it allows him to do what he likes most. Therefore, family does not imply that people have the very same blood.

A family is, preferably, made up of the people that love you and give you a sense of belonging. The socializing is controlled by the brain since Eagleman explains that “all of this social glue is produced by specific circuitry in the brain: sprawling networks that keep an eye on other individuals, communicate with them, feel their pain, judge their intents, and read their feelings” (208 ). Socialization affects the emotions are sensations of individuals. Human beings are social animals that is why the development of sound social relationships results in great feelings and joy. On the other hand, the separating of social relationships affects the worried celebrations in a negative way because it makes them feel insufficient.

Choice making is crucial to forming the identity of a person and the manner in which that individual views the environment around him. Choice making requires weighing different alternatives in life. Individuals need to strive to make the right choices at today moment since those choices will be important in forming their futures. Having a mutual understanding of the performance of the brain increases the opportunities of making the best choices in life. The policy should spearhead the introduction of rehab programs for the drug abuser due to the fact that sending them to jail does not increase their capacity to work out impulse control. Concentrating on the performance of the brain in the rehab programs will be handy in ending the war on drugs since the programs will enable the addict to restrain themselves from using drugs willingly.

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