The Importance of Setting in a Rose for Emily

Setting often supplies more then just a mere background for the action in the story. It is most likely the most important part of the creating a story. In this story the setting is a reflection of the character as much as the town.

The physical setting, time setting and cultural settings are all important parts of this narrative, Physical setting is to offer the readers a sense of what the environment is for the story. The physical setting for A rose for Emily is important since it show the life of Emily, the main character.

In this story the setting happens in the southern town of Jefferson. Miss Emily Grierson resided in a house that had a “big squarish frame that had when been white, embellished with cupolas and spires and scrolled balconies.” A home so beautiful it was meant for some body of high stature. Your home was so old that is “smelled of dust and disuse.” The scenes in this story most occur in the town and in Miss Emily’s house.

A terrific example of a physical setting is when Faulkner describes the town’s males spraying lime around her home to eliminate a bad smell. “As they re crossed the yard, a window that had actually been darkness was lighted and Miss Emily beinged in it, the light behind her, and her upright upper body motionless as that of an idol.” It was almost like you were there with the guys feeling the exact same scary feeling, when seeing her in the window. Another great physical description of setting is when Faulkner describes Miss Emily’s death. She passes away in one of the downstairs spaces, in a heavy walnut bed with a drape, her grey head propped on a pillow yellow and moldy with age and absence of sunlight.” Faulkner does a great task at leaving us with a powerful image of the physical. Time period is a crucial part to any story. It assists the reader to comprehend the language that is utilized and the method it was acceptable to live and dress. The time setting for this story happens in the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s.

In an era when black individuals were servants and individuals of high stature were respected by all. The town in this story grows with the time however the main character Miss Emily will not. “The town had simply let in the agreements for paving the side strolls.” When the newer generation ends up being the back bone and spirit of the town Miss Emily didn’t move ahead with the times. “When the town secured free postal shipment, Miss Emily alone declined to let them secure the metal numbers above her door and connect a mail box to them. It resembled Miss Emily was stuck in a specific time in the life and wished to live like that. Culture is likewise crucial to the setting in the story being told. Miss Emily was a Grierson.

The high and may Grierson’s as they were known in Jefferson. Faulkner speaks about how “Miss Emily had actually gone to sign up with the agents of the august names where they lay in a cedar-bemused cemetery amongst the ranked and confidential tombs of the union and confederate soldiers who fell at the fight of Jefferson. By explaining this culture setting Faulkner is setting the tone for what sort of character Emily is, and what kind of household she had. The Grierson’s were a powerful household in Jefferson, royalty if you will, and Emily was the last of this great household. He then goes on to describe how “Colonel Sartoris invented an included tale to the result that Miss Emily’s daddy had actually loaned money to the town, which the town, as a matter of organisation preferred this way of repayment.” Remitting Miss Emily’s taxes was a method of lionizing for her name.

Making up this tale was something only a man of his ranking at the time could do and a tale that only a female would believe. When the town began to smell the bad smell and the men had sprayed lime on her home to rid the bad smell. The town did not want to call her out on it since as Judge Stevens said “will you accuse a lady to her face of smelling bad?” The towns’ people all had their suspicions of what the bad odor actually was. “She brought her head high enough- -even when we believed that she was fallen. “It was as if she required more then ever the acknowledgment of her dignity as the last Grierson, as if it had wished to touch of earthiness to declare her imperviousness. By understanding A Rose for Emily one can see just how much of an impact setting can have on the life of an individual. The way it can form one’s ideas is unbelievable and often intolerable to think. Whether the setting is physical, time, or culture it is as you can see an extremely fundamental part of any story, and allows the reader to comprehend the character on a much deeper level.