The Lottery by Shirley Jackson: Reading Comprehension Notes

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson: Reading Understanding Notes

The people didn’t stop the lottery game because it was thought about [sort of] ridiculous to do so. It is a ritual that they did, and it was part of who they were. I do not believe the composing style of this story would be thought about horror. The method the author explain the Story throughout and at the end did not send me any chills or leave me feeling goose bumps like The Landlady, by Royal Dahl, did. The atmosphere that Shirley Jackson (author) created in The Lottery game was pretty pleasant; everyone in town was coming together and interacting socially at this one main event that was rather essential. Style is the primary ‘topic’ or concept that the story circle. Some themes in the story would have to be Chance/Luck. Every person in the town is almost risking their life by being in the lottery game. It depends on their luck, and if they can live till the next lottery, or if they are a part of one regrettable household and one member would need to be performed. The Lottery avoids breakdown of society because everybody follows the custom, no one seems to boycott it (if they were even enabled). O The is story reminds me a great deal of The Giver, by Lois Lowry. In both stories, the communities are one unit that have all the exact same worldviews of life and individuals of both are sort of controlled, none of them actually have sensations about anything. Jackson never described what Mrs. Hutchinson was feeling, only that she thought it wasn’t reasonable. It was also surprising that nobody in town, to even the Hutchinson family, felt anything for Testis as she they were killing her. Everybody was compassionateness and simply followed the rules. The roles of society were really organized, and old fashioned. The guys appeared to be the ones in charge,(which is sexist). The ladies are using home dresses, and they go wait their spouses. Everyone takes part in the occasion, no matter the age and they do their tasks when they learn who loses their life with the lottery. ‘Scapegoat’ is making somebody else answer for the people. The Lottery game utilizes the scapegoat because their town appears to be growing in population and in order to attempt to decrease that, they eliminate a single person (which I don’t think makes much of a difference). I believe that in our current society, although we might not understand it, we utilize the scapegoat a lot. When individuals devote crimes and they do not wish to take the blame, they might threaten somebody to do it for them. A lot of these acts are self-centered, and another example is when somebody is in debt, and in order to pay for it, they abduct somebody and hand them over to the loan harks. Many type of the ‘scapegoat’ is used in motion pictures, and we’ve seen them too much to in fact believe they are that bad. Vocabulary Profusely– Saying the same thing [in different ways] and many times. Liberty– Flexibility to believe and act for self. Lively– Wild, energetic. Reprimand– To tell somebody off in a harsh way. Paraphernalia– Tools/devices required for a specific event/activity. Perfunctory– Working without believing, acting only because stated to do so, robotic/controlled. Petulantly– Bad tempered, madly.