“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson Response Paper Essay

The short story” The Lottery game” by Shirley Jackson was a complicated and odd read for me. However, it was special also. Starting, the story presents the town lottery day and makes the reader think that it is a positive thing, nevertheless, in irony it ends up to not so necessarily be a lottery. While I checking out the story I was getting thrilled to see who the lotto winner was going to be and thought who would not desire a lotto every year.

I then saw that it was a lottery game of which individual they were going to sacrifice from the village that year. Shirley Jackson does an excellent job using various themes to make the reader find out lessons from reality itself. The story was in fact a representation of humanity and the society we live in.

In Shirley Jackson’s short story, she actually exposes the THEME that the majority of people pretend not to see; violence and cruelty. Humankind is not always incredibly kind; in truth, people can be really brutal creatures.

In the narrative, individuals of the village gather around and practically produce a ceremony out of a lottery to decide who is going to get eliminated. They then utilize the stones they had formerly gathered and stone the individual. Another thing I recognized is, it was a every guy for themselves kind of situation. Throughout the withdraw of the “lotto”, Tessie Hutchinson’s family did not seem to help their mother/ partner out. They practically seemed relieved it wasn’t them. Jackson uses the sense of MAN VS. SOCIETY CONFLICT to truly show us that society might actually accept things that a few of us do not agree to. Although some may discover it to be unethical, society still tends to accept the unethical.

When I reread the story for a second time, I can see the FORESHADOWING that the author used. In the beginning of the story it mentions how the kids were gathering the stones and making a stack with them in the town square. Initially it appears as if its simply childish play however we then see at the end of the story what the primary function of those stones were. Likewise, the method Tessie was among the last individuals to show up to the lottery and how when she arrived everyone given way for her and it was practically as if everyone was awaiting her. These information of the story were really a foreshadowing of her fate.

The very first time I check out “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, it was undoubtedly a complicated read and really odd. Nevertheless, as soon as I figured out the style of the story and all the little elements that the author had applied in the story, it made far more sense when I reread it a second time. The main concept of the story was reality put into a story form.