The Lottery By Shirley Jackson Summary Of Characters

The Lottery Game By Shirley Jackson Summary Of Characters

The major characters in the story are Testis Hutchinson, Old Male Warner, and Mr. Summer seasons. The minor characters that stick out, however not in much detail are Expense Hutchinson, and Mr. Tomb. There are other characters mentioned throughout the story however these couple of are the key characters. Testis Hutchinson was the only person in the town that forgot about the lotto. She arrived late to the square were the villagers all gathered. Shirley Jackson utilized this to make Testis stick out in the crowd of 3 hundred villagers.

Testis was irritated when she arrived mentioning “Tidy forgot what day it was.” She included “thought my old male was out back stacking wood, and hen I kept an eye out the window and the kids was gone, and I remembered it was the twenty-seventh and came a-running.” (pig. 138) Jackson uses that to make Testis look like a totally free spirit person. Testis is really outspoken throughout the draw. As soon as the Lotto is drawn and Testis finds out it is her family that is the holder of the black dot, the mark of death, she declines the outcome.

The Lotto By Shirley Jackson Characters

Yelling and objecting that her partner, Bill, did not have enough time to draw and he was hurried. This makes Testis look weak, even a few of the other villagers inform her “all of us took the same chance.” She even attempts to offer up other family members to take her location. When in reality should moms and dads would want to protect their household she offers them as much as be stoned to death. In the end Testis gets what is pertaining to her she is stoned, still refusing to except that she was the winner of the Lottery.

The earliest member of the town is Old Man Warner. Warner is a persistent old man set in his methods. He has actually been doing the lotto for seventy-seven years and has never selected the black dot. Warner, as far as Jackson depicts him, is unmarried and has no children and lives alone. He is the last of the old wing type. He even tells the villagers a saying, ‘Lotto in June, corn be heavy soon.’ Warner refuses to accept changes. This is shown when the villagers start to talk about the other neighboring villages eliminating the lottery game drawing.

He genuinely thinks that the people who want to stop holding lottery games will have no option however to convert back to the stone-age time, Warner acts as though the only was society can operate is by having this lotto every year. He tells them “Pack of crazy fools.” “Next thing you understand, they’ll be wanting to go back to residing in caves … (pig. 139) In the end it is Old Man Warner who leads the charge similar to all the years before. Yelling “Come on, come on, everyone.” The last significant character in “The Lottery game’ is Mr. Summers. Mr.

Summers is pretty much the gate keeper of the lottery. With the Lottery occurring in the summer it is only fit that Jackson offers Mr. Summer seasons his name. He makes the black circle on the paper and performs the drawing. Jackson never genuinely reveals why Mr. Summer seasons supervises of the lottery game. But a person can speculate that perhaps it was appointed to him by the villagers or abbey gave from member of the family to relative throughout the years. Mr. Summers makes a declaration in the story that shows that it does not really trouble him to much about the Lottery game. Well, now.” Mr. Summer seasons said soberly, “guess we much better begin, get this over with, co’s we can return to work.” (Pig. 139) However Mr. Summers does not have any kids to pass down his responsibility too. One can wonder what if it was Mr. Summers that drew the black circle, and he was the one significant for dead. Who would be the next in line to take on the duty? Expense Hutchinson, the hubby to Testis, is the one that drew the Black circle that set Testis to be the one stoned. Costs is a given up guy throughout the story.

He doesn’t really speak much however when he does it is generally informing his partner to “shut up” after she starts to grumble about the drawing not being reasonable. He is very ready to reveal the villagers that Testis was the one holding the black patch. He makes no reasons at the end when it is time for his better half Testis to be stoned. The postmaster of the village is Mr. Tomb. He is Mr. Summer’s right hand man in the lottery. Mr. Graves and Mr. Summers spent the night before making up the slips of paper so that it would be all set for the illustration.

Given that Mr. Tomb was the postmaster of the town, he had some power in the village. Jackson showed this when they were prepared to begin the illustration. Mr. Graves preformed the swearing in so that the illustration would be main. Much to everyone’s surprise when he Lottery game’ was written back in June of 1948 it was frowned upon. According to “The New Yorker” “There were indeed some cancelled memberships, along with a fair share of name- calling?Jackson was stated to be “perverted” and “grata odiously disagreeable,” tit “extremely bad taste. But the vast majority of the letters written were not mad or abusive but just puzzled.” (Ruth Franklin) Today the story is read time and time again and Jackson is viewed as an amazing author. Possibly if the Story took her more than just a day to compose and she was able to clarify more of the writing, there may not have actually been so many complaints that gathered about the story.