The Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis

Question # 1: What causes Gregor’s alienation in Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”? Title: Reasons for Gregor’s alienation in Kafka’s “The Transformation” In the novel by Franz Kafka, “The Transformation” one could state that there are many causes which results in Gregor Samsa’s alienation. In examining Gregor’s alienation one has to review causes both prior to and after his metamorphosis. One needs to note that Gregor might just be pushed away by his household due to the fact that he had no friends or loved one. Before Gregor’s metamorphosis the main reason for his alienation was his task as a traveling salesman and the unfulfilling work schedule he had to maintain.

After his transformation Gregor’s physical appearance ultimately leads him to be isolated and pushed away from his household. Although there are numerous reasons for Gregor’s alienation, his lifestyle and dedication to his family results in his alienation and terrible death. Prior to Gregor’s metamorphosis he worked constantly as a traveling salesman to pay off his parents debts. Gregor discusses that he gets no satisfaction from work. In the unique he talks about how he dislikes taking a trip so much and constantly dealing with brand-new people and never ever being able to form attachments.

Gregor likewise discusses his company and their absence of appreciation for him and what he provides for their business. This task caused Gregor’s household to alienate him, as he was the outcast. Never being home and constantly working put him as a social outcast within his own home. The paradox in this alienation is that Gregor did precisely what his family desired him to do and was still alienated from them. After his transformation, Gregor’s physical look was so excruciating that he went into total isolation. His transformation into some sort of insect caused his family to alienate him much more than they did initially.

Gregor is described as having bug legs as well as lots of other insect like features, losing his ability to speak, being unable to move in the beginning and after that having the ability to climb up walls. His only ally in his home at one point appeared to be his sister Grete Samsa, who eventually decides that the household requires to eliminate Gregor. She sees him as doing the family damage by Gregor frightening their lodgers and the cash they would have brought the family. Gregor’s father and mom just referred to as Mr. and Mrs. Samsa also require his additional alienation by pretending that he does not exist.

His daddy goes even more by triggering injury to Gregor by throwing apples at him, lodging one in his back. Although Gregor was isolated even before his transformation his look reinforces this currently awful scenario. One who discusses the causes that leads to the alienation of Gregor Samsa, both before and after his improvement needs to discuss his lifestyle throughout both. Gregor Samsa’s primary focus in life appeared to be the fulfillment of his family and everyone around him. He did everything he might potentially do to please those who were around him including his unappreciative boss.

Gregor was a loner who weighed his self worth in what he could do to please others. Although one knows his alienation was more plentiful after his transformation, his life before and throughout it was still extremely lonesome. Gregor Samsa had lots of causes to his alienation in his life. From his task as a taking a trip salesman, his transformation, and to his lifestyle generally, he ended up being the castaway. To push away ways to “arouse hostility or indifference in where there had previously been love, love, or friendliness”. That meaning is the exact description of Gregor Samsa life up until death.

Gregor Samsa was a guy who through his alienation ultimately became free in death. Through changing into some sort of insect, his metamorphosis, and being cut off by his household Gregor was emotionally freed from all of the obligations the world around him place on his shoulders. Ultimately one would see the alienation of an individual as incorrect, but in Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” one is enabled to be indifferent. In spite of all of the causes for Gregor’s alienation, one can state that they were all worth the discomfort and suffering Gregor may have gone through, just because they offered him a moment of no responsibility for others.