The Metamorphosis Character List


Gregor Samsa

A taking a trip salesman who hates his job however is forced to keep it in order to support his household and pay off his dad’s financial obligations. Gregor unexpectedly finds himself transformed into a huge insect. Never ever pertaining to terms with his transformation, he has problem with extreme sensations of regret as if his failure to support his family were his own fault. Though freed from his task, Gregor is now a problem to his family and is kept locked in his space. Separated and neglected, Gregor is a metaphor for the human being oppressed by industrialism and pushed away from work, family, and himself.


Gregor’s younger sibling. She is the only one in the household with whom Gregor was intimate. At first, she takes it upon herself to clean his space and feed him. With time, however, she loses interest in this and leaves him alone. Grete, who initially cared so much for Gregor, is likewise the first to assert that the household should get rid of him. Gregor had actually planned to use all his cash to send out Grete to the Conservatory to study violin, and her playing awakens his humanity.

Mr. Samsa

Gregor’s daddy, having actually lived a “tiresome though unsuccessful life” and collapsed his company, has ended up being remarkably lazy, not doing anything while his son makes all the money. When misery strikes, Mr. Samsa puts on a uniform and goes to work. He is suspicious of the transformed Gregor from the start, and always presumes the worst if his child emerges from his space. He initially wounds Gregor while attempting to shove him into his room and then cripples him by tossing an apple into his back.

Mrs. Samsa

Gregor’s mom is likewise required to go to work to earn money for the family. Her relation to Gregor is one of devoted and loving mom, but her propensity to faint upon seeing him is not conducive to assisting him. After begging to see Gregor, she is lastly allowed in his room, however passes out as soon as he appears. She then continues to save Gregor from his father’s apple-throwing wrath. Yet, considering that Mrs. Samsa is exceptionally quiet and always does what she is told, her opinions on household affairs stay unidentified and her personality is subsumed in her partner’s authority.


Gregor’s boss at work is the terrific symbol of everything wrong with industrialism. He sits behind his desk, talking down to his workers. Gregor knows that if he employs ill for the very first time in five years, his chief would come in person to call him lazy.

Chief clerk

The Chief Clerk is the Chief’s mouth piece. He himself gets to Gregor’s home when the former is late to work and thus tosses the whole household into condition. When Gregor does not unlock his space, the Chief Clerk informs Gregor, in front of the family, that he is under suspicion of having stolen cash which his work is very unacceptable, though this isn’t true.


The charwoman is the last servant left in the family, taken on after the others are dismissed. She is not repulsed by Gregor however rather tries to have fun with him, frustrating him significantly. She is the only character who attributes intelligence to Gregor. The charwoman is excited both by Gregor’s presence and by his death.

The Lodgers

Caricatures of gentlemen, the lodgers control the extremely servile Samsa household. They are handled since the household requires cash, and they take it upon themselves to run the household, making certain that whatever is purchased and nothing is unneeded. The lodgers thoroughly check their food and rudely show annoyance at Grete’s violin playing. At the first sign of Gregor they give notice and refuse to pay for the room. Mr. Samsa finally asserts himself, revealing the lodgers’ cowardice in the face of authority.

Servant lady (Anna)

The servant girl stays on after Gregor’s metamorphosis, but asks that she be allowed to lock herself in the kitchen unless summoned. She is dismissed by the Samsas once they run out of money to pay her.


Begs for permission to leave the household as soon as she learns about Gregor’s transformation. She is exceptionally grateful when she is allowed to go and promises to tell nobody about Gregor. Like the other servants, the cook serves to demonstrate the “jet set” that the family was living at Gregor’s expenditure.