The Metamorphosis- Critical Essay

The Metamorphosis- Important Essay

Frank Kafka is thought about one of the most influential writers of all time. Helmut Richter would concur with this statement. Richter agreed that Kafka was a very prominent figure in world literature and was astonished by his mechanics and word use. I feel that his essay is encouraging of Kafka’s writing, however also neglects many crucial information in its brevity. Richter did not include Kafka’s flaws and tendencies in his essay. Helmut Richter analyzed the plot of The Metamorphosis in his essay. He illustrates the primary plot of the story to be Gregor’s failure at his work, which leads to his death.

The climax of the story starts early in the book. When Gregor awakens one early morning, he recognizes that he has actually developed into a giant pest. Gregor was a salesperson and his task needed that he was extremely figured out in his work. Kafka shows to us that Gregor did refrain from doing a great job as a salesman by transforming into a bug: a strong labor force. Kafka’s use of this metaphor stresses the poor work that Gregor does as a salesperson. Lots of people would argue that Kafka shows his personal life in The Metamorphosis. These individuals would describe it as an autobiographical work. Kafka’s moms and dads were very similar to that of Gregor.

He was born into a rich family and his daddy was a self-important guy. His mom was a very nice lady, as Gregor’s remained in the novel, however she typically took the side of his daddy. The striking resemblance of the households is that of Gregor’s sis. Kafka’s sister, like Gregor’s sis Grete, was the only person in his family that was supportive of him which he was close to. Helmut Richter appreciated the self-depiction that Kafka consisted of in The Metamorhosis. Richter goes over the main style of The Metamorhosis as change. He feels that Gregor’s entire household, not simply Gregor, go through a transformation.

When Gregor develops into a pest, the life of everyone in his family is deeply altered. Gregor’s family frequently takes the work that he provides for them for given. Gregor’s dad discovered himself in some problem with his business and Gregor was forced to assist support the family. The unappreciative, lazy family is greatly altered when Gregor undergoes his metamorphosis in the climax of the story. Gregor’s household soon understands that they all of their lives will be much harder with Gregor as a bug. The most apparent metamorphosis is that of Gregor. Throughout his whole life, Gregor has let other people make his decisions for him.

The physical transformation that he undergoes is the very first occurrence in his life that no one in his household has actually informed him what to do. This modification enables Gregor to discover his inner self and disconnect himself from the orders and hardships drew out by his household. By means of his change into a giant bug, Gregor has been released from his responsibility to support his family without needing to assume the guilt of letting them down. He has likewise changed from the supplier to the dependent. Richter raises the point that the improvement of Gregor was not always a bad one.

Another theme that is shown throughout The Metamorphosis is that of freedom. Both Gregor and his household are set free of some problem throughout the metamorphosis. Richter believed that Gregor’s metamorphosis released him from a workingman back into a young boy. Gregor was a prisoner to his insect type after the metamorphosis, but he was devoid of the burdens of his life and the burdens put upon him by his household. Most significantly, the transformation relieved Gregor from needing to make a choice between his responsibility to his parents and his desire to be a free choice making boy.

I feel that Richter excluded a great deal of information in his essay. He did not touch upon a deep character analysis and their relationships with Gregor. Many occasions that happened in the story were based upon the relationships Gregor had with all of his family members. Gregor’s actions in the novel were not described well enough in Richter’s essay. Although his main focus was the plot, Richter did not bring numerous disciplines into the photo. Overall, I felt that Helmut Richter’s essay was strong back lacking only a few essential details.