The Odyssey: 100 Questions Quiz

The Odyssey: 100 Concerns Test

Define * misconception *.
A myth handles the relationship in between human beings and the unknown (natural disasters, death, and so on)
Which god takes a side against Odysseus and what does this god represent?
Poseidon sides against Odysseus, and he represents his pride, mood, and impulsiveness.
Which god takes a side for Odysseus and what does this god represent?
Athena sides for Odysseus, and she represents his cleverness and sharp mind.
Who was Homer?
He is the name accepted by scholars as having written The Odyssey.
Specify * epic hero *.
A legendary hero is larger than life, has remarkable strength/intelligence/courage, frequently goes on unsafe journeys, and embodies essential worths from their culture.
Why does Homer describe the Muse in the very first line?
Homer asks the Muse for motivation to assist him tell the story well.
Which goddess intervenes and how?
Athena intervenes by asking her daddy Zeus to help Odysseus.
What does the story, “Cruising from Troy,” expose about who survives and who does not? Why doesn’t everyone make it through?
Nobody in Odysseus’ group of 700+ males survives (except Odysseus) due to their recklessness.
Out of the 10 years Odysseus has been trying to get home after the Trojan War, for the number of has he been Calypso’s prisoner? (Calypso’s Island)
What is Calypso attempting to do prior to Odysseus leaves? (Calypso’s Island)
Calypso is attempting to compel Odysseus to stay with her by stating that she is superior to his wife, Penelope. She guilt-trips him and interest his compassion by talking about how lonesome she is.
How does Odysseus leave Calypso’s island? Where does he go? (Calypso’s Island)
Odysseus leaves on a raft that he and Calypso developed. He cruises on rough seas for 20 days till he reaches Scheria.
What is the name of Odysseus’s homeland?
After he and his men left Troy, what city does Odysseus state they went to? What do his males do there? What takes place to them as a result? (“Sailing from Troy”)
Odysseus and his males go to Ismarus, the city of the Cicones. The men rob the Cicones, robbing/killing them due to the fact that they were allies of Troy. In retaliation, the Ciconian army kills 72 of Odysseus’ males while they are intoxicated and unprepared to fight.
Where do the males go after the Ciconian army drives them away? (“Sailing from Troy”)
They go to the island of the Lotus Eaters.
When Odysseus sent out a few of his men to check out, what happened to them? What takes place if they consume the Lotus? (“The Lotus Eaters”)
The males tasted the Lotus provided to them by the Lotus Eaters. They could not stop consuming the flowers and didn’t wish to go home. The flower made the men forgetful and sleepy.
How does Odysseus describe the Cyclops? (“The Cyclops”)
The Cyclops is described as savage, substantial, shaggy, brute, and so on
. The number of guys did Odysseus take with him to check out the Cyclops’s island? (“The Cyclops”)
12 of his best fighters
What did Odysseus’s team want to do, and what did Odysseus wish to do? Why? (“The Cyclops”)
His team wanted to leave since they were frightened, however Odysseus wanted to stay so he might learn more about the Cyclops.
How does Homer describe the astounding size and weight of the rock, and compare it to the size of the Cyclops himself? (“The Cyclops”)
The rock is described as being too big for 24 wagons to move, but the Cyclops moves it, so the Cyclops needs to be massive.
What does the Cyclops do while Odysseus’s males exist? What does this show about the Cyclops’ character? (“The Cyclops”)
The Cyclops is doing chores. He doesn’t sound like he is savage or silly.
How does Odysseus expose his cunning nature in this circumstance? (“The Cyclops”)
Odysseus boasted that he and his guys are brave soldiers who need to be honored with presents.
How does the Cyclops respond to Odysseus’s request? How does the Cyclops feel about Zeus? (“The Cyclops”)
The Cyclops does not care about Zeus and his rules; he won’t let the men go unless he seems like it.
How does the Cyclops demonstrate his brute and uncivilized nature? What does he do to Odysseus’ team? (“The Cyclops”)
The Cyclops beats 2 men, dismembers them, and consumes them.
What lie does Odysseus inform the Cyclops about his name? Why? (“The Cyclops”)
Odysseus says that his name is “Nohbdy” so the Cyclops will scream “Nohbdy is harming me!” when Odysseus injures him.
How does the Cyclops act after he consumes the wine? (“The Cyclops”)
The Cyclops is drunk and blubbering. He promises to eat Odysseus last of all the guys as an expression of gratitude for the red wine.
What happens when the Cyclops drops off to sleep? (“The Cyclops”)
The men stab the Cyclops’ eye with the hot stake, twisting on it and leaning on it to dig it in.
We finally discover the Cyclops’ name– what is it? (“The Cyclops”)
How does Odysseus use sheep/rams to leave the Cyclops’ cavern? (“The Cyclops”)
Odysseus and his males tie themselves to the undersides of the Cyclops’ sheep/rams so they can leave when the Cyclops lets the animals out to graze.
Odysseus teases the Cyclops once he and his males are back on their ship, escaping. What might these actions show about his character? (“The Cyclops”)
Odysseus is being childish and conceited.
What does the blinded Cyclops carry out in response to the teasing? (“The Cyclops”)
The Cyclops tosses a hill at them.
What does Odysseus say next? What does this program about his character and why is it a bad concept? (“The Cyclops”)
Odysseus informs the Cyclops who he is and where he lives. Odysseus is being big-headed and prideful, and offering the Cyclops a way to get revenge on him.
To whom does the Cyclops pray and what does he wish? (“The Cyclops”)
The Cyclops prays to “his father, Poseidon,” to make Odysseus’s journey really hard. Poseidon grants his desire.
After leaving the Cyclops’ island, Odysseus and his guys land on the island of Aeolus, the wind king. What are the 2 gifts he offers Odysseus? (“The Land of the Dead”)
Aeolus offers Odysseus 2 bags of wind– excellent wind and bad wind.
How long do the guys remain on Circe’s island? (“The Land of the Dead”)
1 year
Why does Circe tell Odysseus to go to the land of the dead? (“The Land of the Dead”)
Circe desires Odysseus to hear a prediction from the ghost of Tiresias.
When he gets to the Land of the Dead, what rites/sacrifices does Odysseus have to perform to talk with Tiresias? (“The Land of the Dead”)
Odysseus needed to guarantee to compromise a heifer and a black lamb when he returned to Ithaca. On the spot, he sacrificed a lamb and an ewe.
How did Odysseus’ crewman, Elpenor, die? (“The Land of the Dead”)
Elpenor fell from a roof at Circe’s while he was drunk.
Who does Odysseus see next in the underworld? (“The Land of the Dead”)
His mother, Anticlea
What three warnings does Tiresias give Odysseus? (“The Land of the Dead”)
1. Do not eat any cattle that belong to Helios.
2. Odysseus will be the only survivor of the journey.
3. The journey will last years, and Odysseus will find suitors in his house when he finally gets there.
What caution does Circe give Odysseus about the Sirens? (“The Sirens”)
Circe tells Odysseus that the Sirens’ tune will entice him in and kill him.
How will Odysseus prevent his guys from listening to the Sirens? (“The Sirens”)
He tells them to plug their ears with wax and keep their heads down.
What should the males do if Odysseus wishes to listen to the Sirens? (“The Sirens”)
They need to connect him tightly to the ship’s mast and not untie him no matter what he states.
What does the monster, Scylla, look like? (“Scylla & & Charybdis”
)Scylla has 12 legs, 6 heads, and 3 rows of fangs; she is really horrific looking.
How does Homer explain Charybdis? (“Scylla & & Charybdis”
)Charybdis is a whirlpool that is even too hazardous for Poseidon to deal with. She is supposedly a beast who lurks listed below the water, sucking water 3 times to produce her whirlpool.
What does the narrow passage that Odysseus must take between Scylla and Charybdis represent? (“Scylla & & Charybdis”
)Going between Scylla and Charybdis resembles going between “a rock and a difficult place”. Odysseus’ decision in this scenario is a metaphor for hard choices in our daily life.
Odysseus chooses to cruise closer to Scylla. What occurs? (“Scylla & & Charybdis”)
6 men are grabbed by Scylla and die.
Once they pass Scylla and Charybdis, where do Odysseus’ team demand landing? What do they do there?
They demand landing on Thrinacia, Helios’ island. They consume the never-ceasing livestock that they were told not to, outraging Helios and dooming themselves to death.
What does Helios threaten to do if payment is not produced the loss of his livestock? How does Zeus react?
Helios threatens to stop the sun from shining. To placate Helios, Zeus sends out down a thunderbolt that sinks Odysseus’ ship and eliminates all his remaining team.
Where does Odysseus go next?
Calypso’s island, Ogygia, where he is trapped for 7 years
After Odysseus completes informing King Alcinous his story, he lastly goes home to Ithaca. How does he get there?
King Alcinous’ men row him house.
How and why does Athena camouflage Odysseus?
Athena disguises him as an old, homeless guy so he can surprise the suitors at his home.
Why does Athena want Odysseus to visit his old swineherd, Eumaeus?
Athena wants Odysseus to check out Eumaeus to find out what’s occurring in Odysseus’ house, and so Odysseus can see his child, Telemachus.
What three things does Athena inform Telemachus?
1. Go house. (Telemachus had actually been circumnavigating, searching for news about his daddy.)
2. The suitors are preparing to kill him.
3. He must stay with Eumaeus for the night.
How does Eumaeus greet Telemachus? How is their relationship? (Schedule 16, lines 15-25)
Eumaeus welcomes and kisses Telemachus because he averted the murderous suitors. Eumaeus and Telemachus are close, like a father and a boy or an uncle and a nephew.
What does Odysseus learn from Telemachus and Eumaeus? (Reserve 16, lines 35-44)
Odysseus learns about the scenario with the suitors in his home.
How does Athena alter Odysseus again? (Reserve 16, lines 61-67)
Athena modifications Odysseus from an old male into a boy again.
How does Telemachus respond when he sees Odysseus alter? (Schedule 16, lines 71-75)
Telemachus is stunned and in shock.
How do dad and boy respond once they lastly acknowledge each other? (Schedule 16, lines 100-107)
Odysseus and Telemachus hug each other, weeping.
What is Odysseus’ plan once Telemachus informs him he will have to deal with more than 100 weird guys at his home?
Odysseus will follow Telemachus house in disguise. Telemachus will pretend not to know him, and secure all the weapons and armor in your house.
Who is Argos? (Book 17, lines 1-14)
Argos is Odysseus’ old canine, abandoned because Odysseus left.
How is the treatment of Argos a metaphor for Ithaca? (Book 17, lines 34-39)
Argos and Ithaca both ended up abandoned when their master, Odysseus, left.
Unfortunately, what happens to Argos after he recognizes his old master, Odysseus?
He dies.
Who are the 2 most impolite, demanding suitors?
Antinous and Eurymachus
What does Penelope finally choose to do about the suitors?
Penelope quits awaiting Odysseus and informs the suitors that whichever of them can bend/string the heavy bow and shoot 1 arrow straight through 12 axe head hoops can marry her.
How do Odysseus, Telemachus, and Eumaeus prepare the manor for the battle against the suitors?
They make sure the ladies are locked securely in a space. Eumaeus and a cowherd lock evictions to keep the suitors in.
Who wins the archery contest?
Odysseus wins, surprising the suitors, who had been mocking him. Odysseus tells his child to prepare to combat.
Who does Odysseus kill first and how?
Odysseus kills Antinous initially with an arrow through the neck.
What does Eurymachus say to save his life?
Eurymachus pins all the blame on Antinous, pleads everybody else’s flexibility, and promises to repay what they took (livestock, riches, etc.).
What do Odysseus, Telemachus, and Eumaeus do to Eurymachus and the rest of the suitors?
They massacre them with the weapons Telemachus fetches.
How does Athena protect Odysseus?
Athena deflects some arrows far from Odysseus.
What does Odysseus do after he eliminates the suitors?
He prepares yourself to satisfy Penelope.
How does Athena assist Odysseus prepare?
Athena offers Odysseus a transformation (makes him taller, more handsome, enthusiast, no gray hair, etc.).
Why is Penelope reluctant to speak to Odysseus?
Penelope doesn’t wish to get deceived.
Odysseus requests for a bed. How does Penelope use this to test if Odysseus is truly her spouse?
Penelope informs a servant to move the master bed. This was a spiritual bed that Odysseus constructed himself from the trunk of an olive tree that would be much too heavy for anybody to move, however only Odysseus would understand that.
Why does Odysseus snap?
Odysseus snaps because Penelope asked the servant to move their spiritual marital bed.
How does Penelope respond to his anger?
Penelope sobs and hugs her spouse, now knowing it is really him.