The Odyssey Odysseus Cunning

The Odyssey Odysseus Cunning

Thesis Statement: Analysis of the way Odysseus utilizes his wits to defend his challengers and get rid of threats


  • Intro: Odysseus– a character of excellent intelligence and cunning
  • Encounter with Lotus Eaters
  • How Odysseus benefits from the Cyclops
  • The way Odysseus outsmarts Circe and gets away
  • The method he prevents getting captured by Sirens
  • Conclusion: How Odysseus’ smartness assisted him and made him liked by Gods
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Odysseus’ Shrewd In Homer’s legendary unique The Odyssey, Homer portrays Odysseus as a character of great intelligence and cunning. Throughout the numerous dangers and dangers he encounters, Odysseus reveals, in many methods, his innovative slyness. Odysseus’ cunning is shown in many examples, such as when he experiences the lotus-eaters. A few of his men, starving as they are, accept the lotus-eaters’ offering of some of their lotus to consume. Soon they forget everything about their efforts to get home as an outcome of consuming the lotus.

Encounter with Lotus Eaters

So, knowing the lotus should be flushed out of their system,” [Odysseus] bring [s] them back to the ship by main force … and stow [s] them under the benches'” (Homer 102) so they can not get anymore of the lotus to eat. Then, he” order [s] the rest [of the guys] to rush and get aboard'” (102) so they will not also be affected by the lotus. Odysseus knows if the entire crew would have consumed the lotus, he would never have the ability to regain control of them all, therefore losing all hope of returning house securely and rapidly.

How Odysseus benefits from the Cyclops

Also, when the crew experiences Polyphemous, the big, powerful Cyclops, Odysseus understands that if they kill the Cyclops they will never have the ability to” [relocation] the terrific stone which [Polyphemous has planted] in the doorway'” (106) to avoid them from getting away. So, Odysseus gets the giant Polyphemous intoxicated and enables him to go into a deep sleep. Then, when he is fully entrapped in a” intoxicated sleep'” (107 ), the males jab a large spear into the Cyclops’ eye. As a result, the Cyclops is not dead, simply very injured and not able to see anything.

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The method Odysseus outsmarts Circe and escapes

Stabbing Polyphemous in the eye enables him to eliminate the rock and give the men a possibility to get away without eliminating the males. The crafty display screen of cunning here requires no description. Odysseus also shows his shrewd when he meets Circe, the wicked goddess who seduces men then turns them into animals. When she fails at the seduction of Odysseus, they become lovers and he makes her” swear a solemn oath that [she] will never try any evil thing against [him]” (119 ). This reveals he is utilizing his brain skillfully by making certain no damage comes his method.

The method he prevents getting recorded by Sirens

Likewise, Odysseus reveals his shrewd by the crafty method he summoned the dead seer Teiresias. In order to get his attention, Odysseus” commit [s] the best black ram among [his] flocks'” (124 ). Odysseus shows his intelligence with this in that it is the only method he can attain contact with Teiresias without actually getting in Hades. Odysseus shows his shrewd once again when it is time for him to go by the sirens. He understands of the sirens’ fatal tune; therefore, in an effort to get away certain death, he” [takes] a thick round of wax … and plug [s] up the ears of all the guys one after another'” (141 ).


Plugging their ears enables Odysseus and his men to securely go by the wicked sirens. Certainly, Odysseus is a guy of extreme intelligence and cunning. He shows his craftiness in numerous methods The Odyssey, each time revealing a growing number of proof of his smarts. He is shown as a skillful guy in other works likewise, being liked by Athena for “his wily mind, his shrewdness and his shrewd” (Hamilton 213) in Edith Hamilton’s Folklore. He is most definitely popular as one of the most intelligent, most cunning epic heroes ever to grace the pages of a poem.