The Other Wes Moore

The Other Wes Moore

The Other Wes Moore Duraan John Appleseed Teacher Swam inathan English 400 April 22012 The Mind of Colorism is a problem that African Americans have actually been handling for a while in there culture. The concept behind it is that the lighter-skinned a specific the more appealing they are, but the darker an individual are the uglier you loole The concern of skin color was a big concern and still is a big concern due to the fact that throughout slavery days skin color had a lot to do with what type of setting you were going to be put in whether it was in your house or in the fields. The roots of colorism tarted during slavery.

Servant owners utilized wonder about among slaves which mentally required the slaves to not believe any person but there master. Today that very same problem is displayed in African Americans, hut its even worse. Although colorism was a tool slave owners utilized to divide and dominate slaves, African Americans are keeping it alive by judgment and division. In “Light Skin versus Dark Skin” Clarisse Jones composes that colorism is when your race rejects you becasue of your skin color (249 ). Jones declares that in today’s society the lighter you are the much better you look, but the darker you are the uglier you are.

She deals with that although some African Americans to end the debate about colorism, it is still an uncomfortable issue numerous African Americans don t want to discuss. Jones highlights African-Americans can not repair racism on their own, they need cooperation of others. Jones concludes. in order to stop colorism and racism African Americans need to discover how to enjoy ourselves and that need to be an easy thing to do. Additionally, African Americans can remove coloristn African Americans are actually the key to stopping the issue of colorism.

The only reason that colorism is still alive in the African American community is ecause they are letting it pass and not doing anything about it. Ifthe African American neighborhood were to recognize how badly colorism affects their society it would end. In “Light Skin Versus Dark Skin” Jones thinks there is just so much blacks can do about bigotry, becasue uue need the cooperation of others to make it go a”ua’ß Bur recovery ourselves is within our control (251 ). gy African Americans caring themselves that will eventually lead to them caring and appreciating each other.

By caring and appreciating each other the issue of colorism will vanish. The main factors colorism begun was becasue African Americans fell into the hite guy’s plan to take control of their servants and the mastermind behind the concept was a servant master named Willie Lynch. Willie Lynch wrote a letter in 1712 believing that it would manage his servants for at least 300 years. In his letter he used mistrust as a way to psychologically rake over servants minds making them trust their slave master more than the slave next to them.

In ‘Willie Lynch’s letter: The Making from a Slave” he states “Suspicion is stronger than trust and envy stronger than adulation, regard or admiration.” His intentions to divide and conquer slaves through wonder about not just regulated slaves for over 300 years but it still ontrols the African American community today. In the African American neighborhood suspect is a main reason colorism still exists. African Americans are causing their own wounds by keeping colorism alive in the African American neighborhood.

In “Light Skin Versus Dark Skin” Clarisse Jones believes, “As an individuals we face adequate pain without causing our own African Americans have gone through sufficient pain and suffering during slavery, and now African Americans continue to suffer. Although this time it is not the slave master (white guy) taking control, it is African Americans themselves Todays African Americans re taking Willie Lynch’s ideas and are portraying the ideas on themselves, Willie Lynch’s beliefs of utilizing fear, wonder about. and envy to separate slaves are still being practiced by today’s African Americans. ut now its African Americans taking all of the control. Malcolm X kept colorism alive by judging house servants in the past and in the present. In “Message to the Grass Roots” Malcolm X mentions “Simply as the slavemaster of rhat day utilized Tom, your house Negro, to keep the field Negroes in check, the same old slavemasrer today has Negroes who are absolutely nothing but modern Uncle Toms” (401 ). Malcolm X was a prime example Of African Americans utilizing colorism in such a way that separates one from another. He depicts colorism in such a way that turns field Negroes (dark-skinned individuals) against the house Negroes (light-skinned people).

Malcolm X thinks that anyone who teaches you nor to eliminate against the white male is a traitor, and dark or light skinned if you got in his method he was going to push you to the side any way needed. An effect of colorism that has actually followed African Americans since Willie Lynch’s letter is the debate in between light skin versus dark skin. In MLight Skin Versus Dark Skin” Clarisse Jones asserts “It was a considered that light as charming. It was those people with plain brown eyes and darker skin shades who had to prove It is now thought by African Americans that those With a lighter shade of skin tend to have better advantages in todays society.

This dispute about light skin versus dark skin was among Willie Lynch’s methods to turn African Americans against each other, and when again he tricked African Americans. Time and time again African Americans fell for Willie Lynch’s traps established centuries earlier. The worst part is that African Americans do not just fall under the trap however they make it even worse on their own. For centuries African Americans ave been representing colorism in their community, Simply as Willie Lynch looked he was going to utilize fear, distrust. and envy to divide and dominate servants the same principle applies today for African Americans.

African Americans utilize fear, suspect, and envy to try to take control of one another. Every race experiences the issue of colorism, but if you search deep into the mind and history of colorism it has a tendency to affect African Americans the most. The uuorst part is that it impacts African Americans the most because of how they deal with the problem, African Americans are keeping colorism alive through suspect, fear, and envy so African Americans must practice the reverse of what Willie Lynch’s ideas were.

No matter what color it is required for African Americans to discover how to trust each other, and how to interact to end the problem of colorism and that would be one big initial step to end colorism. Colorism has impacted African Americans for centuries and it is time for it to stop. The whites did start it, but they are not going to be individuals that end it. At this moment African Americans have the power to end colorism by themselves. So, either keep colorism alive for years to come or trust each other and end it now