The Other Wes Moore: Important quotes with page

The Other Wes Moore: Crucial quotes with page

1. “I was shocked to find simply just how much we did have in common, aside from our names, and just how much our stories intersected before they consistently diverged. Learning the information of his story helped me understand my own life and options …” (xiii)

2. “Young kids are more likely to believe in themselves if they understand that there’s somebody, someplace, who shares that belief.” (28 )

3. “From everything you informed me, both people did some quite wrong things when we were more youthful. And both of us had second possibilities.

But if the situation or the context where you make the decisions do not alter, then 2nd possibilities don’t meant too much, huh?” “I guess it’s hard sometimes to distinguish between 2nd chances and last opportunities.” (67 )

4. “I didn’t have the energy for romantic rebellion– the possibility of losing control of my life resembled a depthless black gorge that had actually suddenly opened in front of me. All I wanted to do was turn around, go home, and never discover myself at this precipice again for such a dumb factor.” (83-84)

5.”Dullness in teenage boys is a powerful motivation to wreak havoc.” (87 )

6. “My grandparents knew I was at a vital point in my life. These forks in the road can occur so fast for young kids; within months or perhaps weeks, their journeys can take a decisive and perhaps irrevocable turn. With no intervention– or the wrong intervention– they can be lost forever. My mother made the decision to intervene– and chose that exaggerating it was much better than not doing anything at all. She felt my environment required to change and my alternatives required to broaden. Drastically.

My grandparents agreed … My grandparents took the money they had in the home in the Bronx, decades of savings and home loan payments, and provided it to my mom so that she might spend for my very first year of military school.” (95-96)

7. “The idea that life is transient, that it can come and go quickly, all of a sudden, had actually been with me given that I had seen my own daddy pass away. In the Bronx, the ideas of life’s impermanence highlighted everything for kids my age– it drove some of us to an immobilizing lethargy, stopped us from even thinking too far into the future … Life’s impermanence, I understood, is what makes each and every single day so precious.It’s what shapes our time here. It’s what makes it so essential that not a single minute be lost.” (133 )

8. “Wes had actually spent much of his teenage years put behind bars, and he understood that periodic bids in the pen belonged to the game. However he ‘d never ever figured this. Maybe it was due to the fact that he ‘d never ever thought long term about his life at all. Early losses condition you to think that short-term strategies are always smarter. Now Wes’s mind roamed to the long term for the first time. Lastly, he could see his future.” (157 )

9. “We make decisions based on what we see in that restricted world and follow the only designs available.The more important thing that happened to me was not being physically carried– the relocations from Baltimore to the Bronx to Valley Forge didn’t change my point of view. What changed was that I discovered myself surrounded by people– beginning with my mom, grandparents, uncles, and aunts, and resulting in a string of fantastic good example and mentors– who kept pressing me to see more than what was directly in front of me, to see the boundless possibilities of the larger world and the unexplored possibilities with myself.” (179 )

10. “Very few lives hinge on any single moment or decision or scenario.” (182 )