The quote by Harper Lee in To Kill a Mockingbird

The quote by Harper Lee in To Kill a Mockingbird

The quote by Harper Lee in To Kill a Mockingbird, “Individuals typically see what they search for and hear just what they listen for.” was said by the character Judge Taylor. Simply put individuals will see and hear what they want to. It also indicates that if someone doesn’t want to hear or see something they most likely won’t. This shows a lot about Judge Taylor’s character because it reveals that he is willing to take a look at the facts and not just what he desires or thinks to be true or incorrect. An individual experience is when my moms and dads weren’t listening to my entire story about why I had not handed in home work and that got me very upset.

Individuals in the story can connect to this due to the fact that of the amount of segregation there was in the town and how rumors were spread and the pure hatred of one type of individual. An example is how all of the white folks in town believe all of the black individuals are dirty and can not be trusted. The quote links to the Tom Robinson case since the entire town has this hatred of blacks and how blacks live so they say things that they don’t know hold true and see things that may not have actually taken place.

The quote links to the lives of Boo Radley, Tom Robinson, Mayella Ewell, and Dolphus Raymond. It connects to boo Radley because the entire town is singling him out to be such an evildoer when he appears like he simply does not wish to go out. It also shows that you shouldn’t evaluate a book by its cover. The quote also links to Tom Robinson’s life due to the fact that he is having problem with segregation and he is being prosecuted for something he did refrain from doing just because he is black and Mayella came on to him.

He likewise connects to the quote due to the fact that he is mistakenly convicted of raping Mayella, even though everyone understands he did not however they simply see things the way they wish to see it and the method they see it is that it is another black guy out of the method. Mayella Ewell’s life connects to the quote due to the fact that she was beaten by her dad and was required to implicate Tom Robinson of raping her however everybody in the court pities her and they see that it is a black male who is implicated and they simply opt for that.

Lastly the quote connects to the life of Dolphus Raymond due to the fact that everyone singles him out as an intoxicated who runs out location because he is with a black lady and has mixed kids. The truth is that he covers up being intoxicated due to the fact that he mores than happy with how he is living his life. The characters connect to each other since they are all people who are lowered either through partition or being singled out. All of these characters represent mockingbirds since they are all theoretically prohibited to kill.