The real tragedy of “Romeo and Juliet” is that everyone loses

The real disaster of “Romeo and Juliet” is that everybody loses

In Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, it was stated that the genuine catastrophe is that everybody loses. Clearly the theme of loss frequently challenges each character in their own ways such as their death, enjoyed ones death and star-crossed love. However it is most strikingly established through the primary characters; Romeo, Juliet, Tybalt, Mercutio, Capulet and Montague who seem to be impacted by the theme of lost a lot more personally than other characters. Yet, throughout the play there are traces of optimistic themes such as love and friendship shown in numerous scenes featuring these exact same characters.

Even though it many seem that Romeo and Juliet has a terrible ending, numerous if not all the characters lived new experiences revealing that they haven’t lost whatever; the journey is more crucial than the end. Thus it is incorrect to say that the real catastrophe of the play is that everyone loses. Throughout the play Romeo experiences numerous types of lost and also numerous bouts of optimistic emotions. When Tybalt eliminated Mercutio, Romeo lost his friend to death and likewise reluctantly caused his buddy’s death by not duelling with Tybalt himself.

Moreover due to Romeo’s inaction he lost Mercutio’s faith in him right before the death. The death of a loved one is likewise something Romeo handle in the play. When he discovered that Juliet had passed away he feels that life suggests nothing without her and he sets out to sign up with Juliet in the burial place. He feels the pain of knowing the a single person who he really enjoys is dead, producing irrational thinking, which in turn kills him. Although lots of occasions cause death and loss for Romeo he has actually likewise experienced the sensation of love, which lots of people search for their whole lives however can not discover.

The sensation itself is one that is valuable and might just take place once a lifetime. Love lightened up Romeo’s life significantly as before Juliet he was experiencing distress over Rosaline, therefore his love for Juliet is one to be treasured. We see throughout the play that Romeo’s love for Juliet is strong and pure, even when he is told about Juliet’s death he goes to join her, as Romeo feels that he can not live without her. I still will stick with thee, and never from with palace of dim night depart once again. Act 5, Scene 3, Line 106.

Thus through Romeo’s experiences of lost and like it appears as though love has actually dominated all revealing that although Romeo died he experienced love, which is an uncommon present. Juliet has actually suffered considerably from Romeo’s banishment and death, to start with having to take toxin to prevent being married to Paris and after that waking up to find her liked one drinking toxin and dying. From this she has actually lost the individual she enjoyed and in turn eliminates herself with a dagger to join him in death. Juliet feels how Romeo felt; they can not live without each other.

At the Capulet party Juliet falls in love with Romeo after she finds out that he is a Montague; child of her opponent. My only love derived from my only hate. Too early seen unidentified, and understood too late. Act 1, Scene 5, Line 137. This arises the loss of extracurricular relations, as they can’t be together due to their household names making them star-crossed fans. All of a sudden loving Romeo seems so challenging and incorrect since he is her opponent. However although they are star-crossed fans, it doesn’t stop them from exchanging swears and secretly setting up marriage.

These occasions are an once in a life time occurrence for both Juliet and Romeo, as it is hard to discover the one you love out of all the crowds of people however yet under the scenarios they tried to follow their hearts instead of their household name. Hence it is obvious that though Juliet experienced much loss throughout the play she also felt joy with the person she loves and marriage, which reveals that she did not lose whatever. The explicit playboy of the play, Mercutio experienced death itself by being eliminated by Tybalt. He also feels as though Romeo betrayed him for not combating and letting Tybalt eliminate him.

Due to Romeo not fighting Mercutio has actually lost rely on him. At the party Mercutio’s happiness was vividly revealed through his expression and actions. If love be rough with you, be rough with love: Puncture love for puncturing, and you beat love down. Act 1, Scene 4, Line 26. This shows that Mercutio is not one to be sombre over love, he discovers it to be like a video game and doesn’t take it too seriously. He would rather have a good time out with parties than in love unlike Romeo. Clearly Mercutio enjoyed his life to the max, letting no one bring him down and despite the fact that he was murdered he understood was happiness was, which is not a complete loss.

The Capulet’s and Montague’s ancient animosity caused both Romeo and Juliet’s death, without the household feuds Romeo and Juliet could’ve quickly been marriaged and didn’t need to conceal from their moms and dads nor the gangs surrounding each family. See what scourge is laid upon your hate. That heaven finds indicates to kill your joys with love. All are punish ‘d. Act 5, Scene 3, Line 292. With their children’s death both Montague and Capulet solve their arguments and realised how pitiful their animosity was. Yet with the loss of their children the ancient animosity was put aside showing although much was lost, something was likewise gotten.

The play Romeo and Juliet has many styles of loss affecting each character. But although the play may appear like a disaster as lots of characters pass away in the end, they still lived their lives and had their optimistic experiences. Romeo and Juliet with their passionate love for each other, defying their family names for love, Mercutio with his candid character and Capulet and Montague ending their ancient grudge. Therefore it is incorrect to brand this play to be an awful love story about loss.