The Theme of Loneliness in Of Mice and Men

The Theme of Loneliness in Of Mice and Guy

Thesis Statement: Analysis of the considerable style of solitude in the novel of Mice and Male by John Steinbeck

  • Introduction: The idea of isolation in real life and the novel
  • Solitude style declaration represented by Sweet
  • Why Curley’s partner is lonesome
  • Style of loneliness introduced by George
  • The factors for Scoundrel’s solitude
  • Characteristics all the lonely characters share
  • Can Curly be considered lonesome
  • Conclusion: Description why loneliness is very important of Mice and Guy style
  • Work Pointed out

Have you ever been lonely? For someone to be lonely, it indicates that she or he is singular and do not have any companions. Loneliness can be brought on by several types of discrimination. Loneliness appears in today’s world in different cases. In Of Mice and Guy, the characters that provide the theme of loneliness are Sweet, Curley’s partner, George, Crooks, and Curley.

Solitude theme declaration represented by Sweet

Sweet is lonesome due to the fact that of his old age. He is declined by the remainder of the people for being old and disabled. His only business, his faithful, old, and blind pet dog, is voluntarily taken from him and killed; Sweet fears that he will be treated the very same method in the future and therefore, wishes to join Lennie and George on the cattle ranch.

Curley’s spouse also voices her solitude. She states, “I never ever get to talk with no one. I get dreadful lonely.” Her marital relationship with Curley did not make her happy, but it made her feel awful and regretful. She had actually wanted to end up being a film star, however never ever got the chance. She is likewise prevented because she constantly triggers trouble and brings turmoil amongst the employees and Sweet.

Why Curley’s spouse is lonesome

Early in the book, George sets the lonesome mood by mentioning to Lennie, “Men like us that deal with cattle ranches, are the loneliest people worldwide.” Another significant key to providing the style is that George constantly plays the card game solitaire. The word solitaire indicates to be alone; for that reason, George plays solitaire due to the fact that if he would play with Lennie he would not get anywhere. He is likewise lonely because he doesn’t have someone on the exact same level with who he can engage.

Moreover, Crooks presents the theme of isolation since he is always by himself in his space. His isolation is brought on by the bias of the other employees; because he is the only black guy on the cattle ranch, he is required to live alone in a shed of the barn, and nobody will have any interaction with him. His solitude makes him not wish to speak with other individuals and makes his life on the farm unpleasant.

Theme of solitude introduced by George

The reality that Sweet, Crooks, and Curley’s better half all confess their deep isolation brings their sensations to be similar. The truth that they admit to complete strangers their worry of being abandoned programs their desperation. In a world without friends to confide in, the complete strangers will have to do. Each of these characters searches for a friend, “Someone to assist them measure the world,” as Crooks states. In the end, nevertheless, friendship of this kind seems difficult.

Another individual who is lonesome is Curley. He is lonesome due to the fact that the only person he talks with is his partner, even though she does not like to engage with him (she is obligated to him); that is why he is constantly so protective of his other half. Curley struck Lennie with a punch since if he beats up other people he feels much better (it’s expected to assist him eliminate his loneliness.) He is awkward of his size and therefore likes to state that he’ll beat up larger people.

Characteristics all the lonely characters share

In conclusion, Candy, Curley’s better half, George, Crooks, and Curley all play a significant function in the book because they present the style of isolation. The most essential key of the theme is that George states to Lennie, “People like us that deal with cattle ranches, are the loneliest people in the world.”

This declaration by George is very important because it sets the lonesome state of mind of the people in the story; it shows how desperate these characters remain in their search to find a good friend. Candy, Curley’s spouse, and Criminals express their loneliness in comparable ways. Therefore, the loneliness presented in the book is a theme and an essential element.