The Things They Carried Passage Analysis

The Things They Brought Passage Analysis

“Spin” Passage: The Important Things They Carried The function of the passage from the episode “Spin” is to introduce a different interpretation of the idea of “monotony,” one that refers to the war and the soldiers particularly and seldom experienced by civilians. The type of boredom explained by the storyteller in the passage is tenser, and incorporates a lot more feelings that the Alpha Business stumbles upon.

Throughout the passage, the reader understands that the soldiers are not tired in the irritated and unenthusiastic way that most people generally are. Instead, the males are distressed, expecting the next undesirable event to come upon them at any moment. The narrator explains, “You ‘d attempt to unwind. You ‘d uncurl your fists and let your thoughts go. Well, you ‘d believe, this isn’t so bad. And ideal then you ‘d hear shooting behind you and your nuts would fly up into your throat and you ‘d be squealing pig screeches” (O’Brien 34).

This description of how the soldiers would behave, with curled fists and worried thoughts, jumping at every sound, shows that they are not casual but hyperaware of their surrounding and on edge. When the storyteller explains war as “dull,” he refers to the redundancy of constantly worrying, then enabling oneself to unwind for a minute before being bombarded with another battle. The first three sentences from the quote have a calm, sluggish attitude, specifically when juxtaposed with “gunfire,” “nuts,” and “pig screeches,” which are severe, callous words.

The method which O’Brien chose to compose that particular quote resembles the repeated manner in which the soldiers wait, making the reader understand to some level what it is like to live that way. As a result, O’Brien utilizes this passage to present a brand-new, irregular meaning of the word “tired,” where it is used as an “umbrella” word for numerous other emotions, consisting of anxiety and fear.