The Value Of Money In “The Death Of A Salesman”

The idea of money being the secret to happiness is a consistent style in the play “The death of a Salesperson”. The cooperative relationship between working and spending time with your family is lost in this play as Willie is so figured out that he and his children should succeed. As a human remaining in a capitalist society, it’s easy to fall in the pattern of becoming greedy and always aiming to make more money. Not just for materialistic things, however likewise to be able to provide for your family. We reside in a world where cash is a factor, it is needed to make it through and many individuals link money to happiness. Money isn’t everything but almost everything requires money. Willie’s devastating behavior by consuming over money, financial success and social standing unfortunately leads to his death in the end of the play.

As the US is understood for their effort residents not being paid enough and offering the least paid getaways days, it does not come as a shock that the United States has a very high rate of mental disorders as anxiety and stress and anxiety. Willie struggled with hallucinations due to the stress from his social standing and cash. In the book The overworked American by Juliet Schor, Juliet argues that “Americans are actually working themselves to death as tasks contribute to heart problem, high blood pressure, stomach problems, anxiety, fatigue, and a variety of other disorders”. Karl Marx likewise promoted about having the right conditions at work. This play is happening in the 1940’s when the declining hours all of a sudden stopped and the new period of overtime working effectively increased. These work conditions and stress cause psychological and physical problems that in this case became Willies death. This play is a fantastic example of what work can do to you and also affect your loved ones.

Would Willie still stress about cash as he did when he was benched from a wage staff member to a commission employee? Probably not. Being demoted to a lower position at his work, this affected him financially.

I can’t stop thinking what outcome Willie’s life would have he was given a period as an income staff member. He probably wouldn’t have actually killed himself so his family could benefit from the 25,000 dollars insurance money.