Theme of Isolation in Frankenstein

Style of Seclusion in Frankenstein

The theme of seclusion is the one theme that is most developed thoroughly throughout Mary Shelley’s book. From the start of the novel somebody has felt isolated from someone else. Victor, the animal, and Elizabeth are three characters that have most established the theme of seclusion. Victor develops the theme of isolation in the book. Unlike the animal and Elizabeth victor chooses to separate himself. While working on his research and attempting to develop life victor loses all contact with his friends and family. Sensations that made me neglect the scenes around me caused me likewise to forget those friends who were a lot of miles missing, and whom I had not seen for so long a time.” This quote is stating that Victor ignored and isolated himself from his good friends, while he worked, for long periods of time. As an impact of his seclusion Victor’s physical and mental state suffered because of all the hard work and the solitude. Elizabeth is a character who extremely plainly establishes the theme of seclusion. Elizabeth is among the people who suffer most when victor chooses to work on producing the animal. I have avoided his coming across the troubles and possibly threats of so long a journey; yet how often have I regretted not being able to perform it myself!” This shows that Elizabeth wanted so much to go and go to Victor to ensure he is getting well however, could not which triggered her isolation. Even after Victor is well Elizabeth is still separated from Victor. “Answer me, I conjure you, by our mutual joy, with basic truth– Do you not enjoy another?” Elizabeth who likes Victor is forced to wonder why he is not writing back and if he has discovered someone else to enjoy.

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The animal is arguably the most isolated character of the entire book. With just a look at his monstrous appearance he is able to make anybody he comes across to run in worry of him. Because of his outside appearance he is avoided and exiled by society and even the one man who ought to have looked after him more than anybody else his developer and his dad Victor Frankenstein. Breathless scary and disgust filled my heart. “

In this quote victor is referring to the creature’s look which shows that even his father victor separated him. From the moment of the animal’s birth he was required rom society in self-imposed exile not having any contact with the world or the people in it. “I, the miserable and the deserted, am an abortion, to be spurned at, and kicked, and run over on.” From this quote the reader can tell that the animal has actually felt deserted his whole life. The theme of isolation is a really prominent style throughout the book. Isolation is the significant theme felt and established by the significant characters as the unique advanced. Victor, Elizabeth, and the animal have actually felt the seclusion in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.