Themes in of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

There are numerous styles in Of mice and guys by John Steinbeck. There is the style of brotherhood and friendship. Lennie and George versus all odds are close friends, siblings in a way.

They look after each other in different methods. George looks after Lennie and tries to keep him out of difficulty which is a really difficult task but one which he handles however. Without him Lennie has actually noone and most likely wouldn’t last long, even if he went and lived in a cave. And George does get something from Lennie– he gets friendship their relationship is what sets them apart from the other people that works on ranches. An’ why? Due to the fact that … because I got you to look after me, and you got me to care for you, which’s why”. Without their relationship there would be no book. You get to check out a lot about how George and Lennie communicate with each other. Segregation is also in the book. There is the apparent one: Scoundrels the negro steady dollar is set apart from the others because he is black, he isn’t even permitted to sleep in the exact same bunkhouse as the other cattle ranch employees. However others in the story are distinguished from the group as a whole. Curley’s better half is neglected by everybody, the only lady on the ranch and she has actually noone to talk to.

There is a lot of bias towards the 2 abovementioned characters. Other characters whom individuals feel prejudice versus are Lennie, for his special needs and Candy, who like his pet dog is getting old and will soon have outlived his usefulness. Another theme present is the one of innocence. Lennie has the mind of a small child, he is really innocent and naive. He does not understand what he’s doing most of the time. How can he be guilty of a criminal offense when he hasn’t done anything damaging on purpose? He doesn’t know his own strength. He doesn’t understand much at all. One thing he does understand is that George looks out for him and he is really faithful towards him.

In the outsider’s chapter he gets extremely agitated when Scoundrels indicates that something may have taken place to George in town. It’s interesting that he is so devoted to George however that he can’t remember his Aunt Clara, somebody in fact associated to him by blood which took care of him for a long time. There is a reasonable quantity of violence in the book. A few of it is deliberate, Curley trying to pick a battle with Lennie, the ranch hands pursuing Lennie at the end of the unique all intent on causing pain and/or eliminating him. The one who triggers one of the most discomfort and the majority of death though is Lennie however he hardly realises it.

He shatters Curley’s hand, kills all the animals he gets and also Curley’s wife. Nevertheless isolation is absolutely the greatest style in the book since everyone in the story struggles with it. The farm hands going from cattle ranch to ranch by themselves George discuss their solitude currently in the first chapter, Curley’s wife trapped on a ranch with a bunch of males who won’t speak with her due to the fact that they risk getting into trouble with Curley, Crooks who is erupted by everybody, Sweet is alone after they shoot his dog who was the only constant buddy in his life. All these characters confess that they are lonesome.

The only individuals that aren’t alone are George and Lennie so it is quite unfortunate that he has to shoot Lennie, which might be the best for Lennie at the time but from then on George signs up with the ranks of lonesome cattle ranch hands travelling by themselves. Except he has actually known companionship so he will constantly know what he’s missing; the other men have actually never ever had anyone they were that near to so they do not understand his pain after he shots Lennie. This is apparent in the last sentence said by Carlson seeing George and Slim walk away together. “Now what the hell ya suppose is eatin’ them two guys? “