To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 22-31 Questions

To Eliminate a Mockingbird Chapters 22-31 Questions

Chapter 22: 1. Atticus is extremely dissatisfied and goes out of the courtroom after the decision is revealed. 2. When Miss Maudie is discussing that they had people like Atticus, she was telling Jem that there were people in this world who do not fall into mob mentality. She tries to discuss that although Atticus did not win, he had got the town “thinking” for themselves for a modification, rather than act on bias alone. He has actually created regard for the person. 3.

Miss Maudie says they have at least made an infant action in the ideal direction because she knows that the jury actually contemplated weather condition or not they were going to convict Tom which implies the towns were looking previous bias for once. 4. Dill says he wishes to be a clown that makes fun of individuals instead of individuals laughing at him. This means that Dill wants to laugh at people (society) due to the fact that they are being so dumb in the Tom Robinson lawsuit. Chapter 23: 1. Atticus does not take Bob Ewells threat seriously because he thinks that Mr. Ewells just taking his anger on Atticus. 2. )In a courtroom, if an offender is placed on a stand with only inconclusive evidence, that person is entitled to affordable doubt. Circumstantial evidence means the acquitted person existed at the time of the offense, however there’s no real proof like DNA and things like that. b)Individuals constantly think white men before black due to the fact that of bias. c)Individuals have already comprised there minds prior to even hearing a word of the case since of racism and bias. d)Sooner of later people are going to realize how incorrect they dealt with people of different race and they are going to pay for it. a) Atticus thinks the Cunninghams are truthful hard working individuals. b)Alexandra thinks the Cunninghams are lower class, garbage. 4. Jem can’t accept Scout’s viewpoint due to the fact that Jem knows its not because in the mostly to kinds of people, the good and the bad. Chapter 24: 1. The missionary women appear to be rather unfavorable, self exemplary and hypocritical. Yes it’s normal for these ladies to act like this because I believe these attributes are what brings them together. 2. The paradox is that Mrs.

Merriweather appreciates J Grimes Everett and the work he is providing for people in Africa while she pays little attention and thinks nothing of the African Americans in her own town. 3. Scout chooses males to women since so in her life individuals closest to her are guys and she doesn’t appear to like to a number of the females. 4. When Ms. Maudie states, “We’re paying the highest tribute we can pay a man,” that out of everyone in Maycomb Atticus was the only one who would try his hardest to give Tom Robinson a fair trial. To represent him the method he should have, with all the rights.

That no matter what he is faced with; the town trusts him to do right. 5. Real women understand how to however their lip and fake a smile for the sake of others. Chapter 25: 1. The majority of the town believe’s that Tom’s death simply shows how dumb black people are(from the perspective of a white person). 2. Although Mr. Underwood holds racist vies himself, his editorial can be likened to Atticus’s prior words. In his editorial Underwood composes, “it was a sin to eliminate cripples, be they sitting, standing, or leaving.” He writes that Tom’s death amounted the ridiculous massacre of songbirds by hunters and kids.

Atticus had likewise talked about that killing a Mockingbird is a “sin”. The bird attempts to bring a little relief in an extremely extreme world. Tom’s actions were no different. Chapter 26: 1. a) Scout feels bad about all the things she had done simply to see Boo. b)Scout still wishes to see him today appreciates his personal privacy. c)She’s is pleased that Atticus never said anything about their previous activity. d)Scout doesn’t seem to express any feelings about the “Current Events” she does take note of them, which reveals that she is growing up. The paradox is that Miss Gate’s dislikes Hitler due to the fact that of his bigotry towards Jews yet, she shows just as much racism towards african americans. 3. Jem reacts strongly since he is still distressed for what occurred to Tom Robinson, the male who got accused for doing a criminal offense he didn’t do and who got killed for attempting to “escape”. Given that Miss Gates said that it’s awful for Hitler to do horrible things to the Jews Jem concurred. However remember what she stated about Tom and his trial. Because he was black, he needs to have been guilty.

She is a hypocrite and is racist versus black individuals. She states that Jews are individuals similar to her, but Jews are white. Jem hates what happened to Tom; that’s why he acted so violently towards Scout. Chapter 27: 1. Bob Ewell lost a job from the WPA and blamed Atticus for it. Judge Taylor thought his pet was making sounds and opened the screen door and in fact saw a shadow figure and kept a shotgun at his side; and Helen Robinson, Tom Robinson’s widow got a job from Link Deas, who Tom utilized to work for, and was being bothered by Bob Ewell and his children.

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Bob Ewell is the type of man that holds a grudge. 2. Atticus needed to work in Montgomery and was too tired to go. Alexandra feels worn out and needs to go to sleep early due to the fact that she aided with the phase for the play that Scout is in. Chapter 28: 1. Cecil Jacobs frightens Jem and Scout by jumping out from behind a tree on there way to the school. 2. They think the noise might be Cecil Jacobs or the rustling of the leaves in the trees. 3. 4 individuals- Scout, Jem, Arthur Radley and Mr. Ewell Chapter 29: 1. Arthur Radley conserved Jem and Scout from Mr. Radley. 2.

I agree with Atticus, as I don’t think Bob Ewell is worth anything since he attempted to kill innocent mockingbirds (Jem and Scout). Furthermore, he likewise holds grudges in the incorrect methods for the incorrect things, causing him to do crazy things. 3. It’s absolutely nothing like she ‘d envisioned it would be and all she can state is “hey, Boo,” then she begins to cry. Chapter 30: 1. Scout is childish and has a curious nature, while Boo has somewhat of a childish interest about him. 2. I don’t think either of them think either story. They both understand who actually killed Bob Ewell however they would never admit to it. She stated something like, “well, it would be like shooting a mockingbird, would not it?” to Atticus. I don’t know the real quote. Chapter 31: 1. She comprehends how Boo feels. The whole part about her standing in Boo’s shoes and seeing all the things occurring from his point of view. I guess Scout has actually grown a lot and understands the rumors about Boo Radley were not true. 2. After checking out the closing scene I was mainly questioning if Jem was going to be alright, if they would ever see Boo Radley again and what would occur to the Ewells.