To Kill a Mockingbird Comparison of Atticus and Mrs. Dubose

To Eliminate a Mockingbird Contrast of Atticus and Mrs. Dubose

Sisay Shannon-Tamrat English 9 Leider 12/7/12 Atticus and Mrs. Dubose Contrast In the book To Kill a Mocking bird by Harper Lee, both Atticus and Mrs. Dubose are brave figures for Scout and Jem. Nevertheless they both reveal bravery in a different way. Mrs. Dubose faces her dependency with Morphine though reading and attacking others:” Yes that’s what they were. Most of the time you read to her I question if she heard a word you stated. Her whole mind and body concentrated on that alarm clock.

If you fallen under her hands. I ‘d have made you go checked out to her anyways. It might have been some interruption. There was another reason. (111) Though Mrs. Dubose knew that her dependency to morphine had actually beat her, she shows bravery by attempting to make it through and handle that through reading and being mean to Jem and Scout. Next, Atticus and Mrs. Dubose are different since Atticus is not racist. In this part of the book Atticus is assigned to safeguard a black male who is charged of rape.

Though the town knows Tom Robinson is innocent they won’t believe him since of the truth that a white women is who accused him of rape and they believe her due to the fact that she is white. So Atticus must be brave and safeguard him even though this suggests risk to his family. “It could not be even worse Jack. The only thing we have is a black male’s word against the Ewells. The evidence boils down to you did, I didn’t. The jury couldn’t potentially be expected to take Tom Robinson’s word versus the Ewells, are you acquainted with the Ewells”( 88 ).

In this part of the book Atticus must defend Tom Robinson and try to keep his family safe. He understands that there is going to be a lot of drama and racism walking around and reports about him and he must attempt to keep his kids safe from that. Lastly, though Atticus and Mrs. Dubose are very different they also are very comparable. For example they are both extremely brave individuals.” I desired you to see what genuine nerve was, instead of understanding that courage is a guy with a gun in his hand” (112 ). In this part Atticus and Mrs.

Dubose both reveal their bravery through the things they face. The both defend the important things that matter most to them which’s what makes them so brave and similar to each other. Atticus and Mrs. Dubose are both really brave individuals that Scout and Jem learn more about. Though they both are various, they are also are similar. Mrs. Dubose’s dependency to morphine makes her various to Atticus and his struggle to protect a black man and keep his family safe. They are very similar due to the fact that of the truth that they face their situation with bravery.