To Kill A Mockingbird Essay on trial

To Kill A Mockingbird Essay on trial

Everything Has A Function To Eliminate a Mockingbird is a book that concentrates on discrimination. The County of Maycomb thinks that white people transcend in everyway. Lee uses the trial to highlight the intensity of the Maycomb perspective. She utilizes it to reveal the readers rather of just telling them. It is also a way to inconspicuously reveal the readers how serious the Maycomb fever is without needing to have Scout, the narrator, comprehend the problem. By carefully picking what happens and who is associated with the trial Lees proves her point explicitly.

The author utilizes characters to assist show how individuals of Maycomb think that black individuals are far below them in social hierarchy. “Atticus sa [ys] the Ewells ha [ve] been the disgrace of Maycomb for three generations. None of [the Ewells] ha [ve] done a truthful day’s operate in [the Ewells] recollection.” (30 ). Lee choses the most disrespected and disgraced family to be the district attorneys in the trial. By doing this she is showing that any white family is much better than a black man. The author also thoroughly uses characters to represent the defense.

She choses a respected black guy who has actually been in an accident since it helps reveal that with discrimination there is no grace. Also by putting Atticus as the legal representative representing Tom Robinson, the black male, it helps keep the story near to the storyteller. The reader gets some background to why Tom will lose. “Merely because [the defense] w [as] licked a hundred years before [the defense] begun is no factor for [the defense] to attempt not to win.” Atticus says. (76 ). By having Atticus as the legal representative we get some insight that we might not get if it was a random character who was the defense.

Character option is important, particularly for Lee trying to establish a severe concept. No concrete evidence is shown in this trial. The only thing thought about is what people state. By utilizing a “he said verses she said” trial Lee shows how it is white over black. Trust is the only difference in between innocent and guilty. Everybody in the court space understands that some one is lying when the witnesses testaments do not line up.” [Tom] do not say [Mayella]’s lyin’, Mr. Gilmer, [Tom] state [Mayella]’s mistaken in her mind.” Tom States (197 ).

This declaration shows how flimsy the case is. Types of cases like these are in the grey location of law it can go in any case. Utilizing this type of trial is considerable because there is no evidence just discussing on whose side of the story is right but Lee makes it fairly clear that Atticus’s argument is more powerful than the Ewells’. He utilizes the type of trial it is to develop defects in the Ewell’s argument. Lee purposefully utilizes the “he states verses she says” to create this controversy. Lee creates Atticus’s argument to be stronger to additional advance her purpose.

This debate has the ability to make Harper Lee put a hope in the reader’s minds. It requires the jury to debate the “proof”. In they end Lee puts the result as guilty for Tom Robinson simply to even more show that even with an argument so excellent it triggers the jury to believe Maycomb residents still think that the white race is superior. Every event in To Kill A Mockingbird has a purpose. The author put the trial in to assist secure the message they are attempting to send out. She wants the reader to know how highly Maycomb believes that white people are much better than colored people.

She has Atticus implicitly state “She has dedicated no criminal offense, she has simply broken a rigid and time-honored code of our society, a code so extreme that whoever breaks it is pestered from our midst as unsuited to cope with.” He is stating that tempting a Negro is among the worst things someone can do in the Maycomb society. Lee wants The extreme Maycomb perspective to be acknowledged and comprehended. By integrating the path Lee is showing us the Maycomb viewpoint in a brand-new way while assisting the reader cover their head around this extremist view.