To Kill a Mockingbird Eulogy

To Kill a Mockingbird Eulogy

Atticus Finch, he was the daddy of Jeremy Atticus Finch and I (Jean Louis Finch). He was older than most other peoples’ daddies, he didn’t drive a dump-truck for the county, he wasn’t the sheriff, he didn’t farm, he disliked guns and had actually never been to war, however he is the bravest man I’ve ever understood. Much of you know Atticus as many things, some state he is the “White Hope”, some state he was the deadest shot, some say he is a good parent. I say he is all of that and more. Atticus is an intelligent and patient man.

He taught me lots of things in his own way. For example, when I didn’t want to go to school I decided to start cussing so that he believed I was finding out bad practices at school. Instead of telling me to stop like any moms and dad would do, he simply says that “Bad language is a stage all children go through, and it passes away with time when they learn they’re not drawing in attention with it. “(Atticus, pg. 116) This informed me that what I am doing is not going to get me anywhere excellent so I should stop.

Another lesson that Atticus taught me was that “it is a sin to kill mockingbird” (Atticus, pg. 119). This implied that innocent people or things should not be killed or hurt. This taught me a lesson about Arthur Radley. Arthur Radley didn’t harm anybody but rather he left presents for me and my bro, and covers me with a blanket during Miss. Maudie’s home fire. Atticus was the bravest male I have ever known because he had a hardest lawsuit that anybody would have given up on.

This court case was to defend Tom Robinson, a black guy. Atticus had the choice to let this case go and to live his life as delighted as he liked to however instead he picked to defend Tom Robinson and have everybody call him a nigger-lover and a disgrace to the Finch household. I have asked Atticus before if we might win this case, but he said “No”. Atticus informed me that this was the ideal thing to do. Atticus once informed me that”It’s when you understand you’re licked before you start but you start anyways and you persevere no matter what.

Atticus had once told me that “You never ever actually understand an individual up until you think about things from his perspective- up until you climb up into his skin and walk around in it”. I never really comprehended what he meant till just recently when I was on the Radley’s deck when i saw from what Maycomb was like from Arthur Radley’s point of view. It is my honour and our chance to keep in mind my daddy and your buddy Atticus Finch. I thank him for being such a great moms and dad and a good role model. One of the most highly regarded individuals that ever lived.