To Kill a Mockingbird: Injustice

To Eliminate a Mockingbird: Oppression

Oppression Injustice is a problem in which everyone faces, unfortunately this cruelty can not be disregarded. In this novel, entitled” To Eliminate A Mockingbird “, there are three characters who suffer the most injustice. They are Atticus, Tom Robinson and Boo Radley. Atticus, is a man of excellent wisdom, he struggles with the reality that he had committed to handling a tough Negro case. He was continuously maltreated for this decision, that made him work even harder at winning the case. Although his household was made fun of, he stuck to his option and worked to the best of his ability to try to neglect the threats and harassment.

He did incredibly well to neglect all the abuse and was significantly respected after the trial had actually concluded. Another individual who struggled with injustice was Tom Robinson. He was charged with a crime he did not devote. His side of the story was not believed because he was black. Through the entire trial, he did not strike back at the white individuals; he did not get upset because he was not being dealt with fairly. He dealt with the oppression with a manner just represented by gentlemen, which is a great description of what sort of a character Tom was. The 3rd person to suffer injustice in the novel was Boo Radley.

Lots of allegations were declared about him even though they were false. Even if he never ever has actually left his house, people began to believe something was incorrect with him. Boo was a male who was often misconstrued and should not have actually suffered any injustice. Boo did not handle the injustice since he wasn’t knowledgeable about this problem. In conclusion, the individual who was treated with the most oppression was Tom Robinson. He not did anything incorrect in this novel. Therefore, Atticus, Tom Robinson and Boo Radley suffered the most injustice in the novel.