To Kill a Mockingbird Monologue

To Eliminate a Mockingbird Monologue

How dare he travesty me in front of the entire town like that, everybody gone think me trash after that gosh darn Atticus embarrassed me like that, how dare he. That man need be taught a lesson, who the hell does he believe he is treating me like that I ain’t no Negro I am white and equivalent to him in every method, I may be the poorest male in Macomb however I am not nearly as bad as those coloured folk. I anticipated to be a hero after conserving all those ladies from that rapist, But rather I lost all of my dignity to Atticus Finch.

I still don’t understand what a rich white man, with his expensive clothin which silly soundin English from where every the hell hes from, has to get out of depraving a poorer ‘white’ man such as myself, ATTICUS. He’s simply as bad as Tom Robinson, both disgracing my family. He should have spit in his face after trying to protect that Tom Robinson and making me appear like the town fool, leaving me no shred of self-respect what dumb questions he asked that girl ‘Did you yell first at your daddy instead of at Tom Robinson’ ‘who beat you up Tom Robinson or your daddy’.

At lest the majority of the town believes that I was right in sayin Tom raped Mayella, no white jury is gone let a black man get away with rapin’ a white woman. And even if they had voted innocent for that beast, I woulda just hung him meself, it was just simpler getting the law to do it for me, that method I wouldn’t have to go to jail. Checks out news paper short article aloud.

That Atticus fella, I want to see him suffer for the way he treated me, I wan na see as his life is messed up and he’s required to cope with it, particularly after he practically turned my child on me, if I hadn’t beaten some sense into her she would have ruined the whole trial. That girl needs to be taken down a peg tryin’ to be better then the rest of my household actin as though shes much better then me with her stupid flowers its no wonder I have to beat her she’s a woman who believes shes much better then her daddy for Gods sake.

No female could ever be better then their daddies or other halves or any man at all, their all simply lying sluts who require some sense beaten into them if you ever desire them ending up alright and yet still Mayella is no good to anyone. I imply who the hell does she believe she is approaching a black guy in such away god damn slut cant trust her with any person. Even when that boy of a bitch, Tom, is dead he still discolorations my family, I require to ruin ever trace of him, serious every goddamn colour tainted tie that he might have to anybody in this hellhole of a town, I imply he even polluted my household.

All of those individuals who tried to assist tom Robinson much better be prepared for what I’m about to do I won’t return to that dump of a house quietly I’m gone demean and degrade every single child of a bitch who would see the same done to me, I expected this trial to help my standin’ within the town however all those bastards did was avoid me and they anticipate me to go back to me home and pretend like absolutely nothing ever occurred why they ‘d be foolish to think that. Both those Negrolovers are gon na be running when they see me comin’, that judge and that ‘elegant’ attorney Atticus.

And not to point out all of Toms negro pals who think their better then me to, why am I always the victim in these kinds of things. That judge and Atticus will get whats concerning them I should just eliminate them both in addition to their families, I need to simply slip into that judges house tonight and surprise him with a knife then we’ll see who’s laughin’ I need to also bring some fuel or something so that it looks like he passed away in some fire or something I do not care I just wan na see him dead in either case.