To Kill a Mockingbird Mrs Dubose

To Kill a Mockingbird Mrs Dubose

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD 1. Who is Mrs Dubose? Mrs Dubose was an old, bad-tempered, wheel-chair bound lady who deals with her housemaid, Jessie, 2 doors down from the Finches, rests on her porch and screams out disrespectful comments to the children whenever they pass her home. She was a morphine addict and as the novel advances she attempts to break off her obsession. 2. How does she fit into Maycomb society? Nobody in Maycomb really liked Mrs Dubose. Similar to the Mockingbird, she was not what people believed she was supposed to be, however in fact had another side of her which no one knew.

Nobody had in fact seen for themselves the genuine conditions of Mrs Dubose, therefore assuming that she is a cantankerous individual from when they meet her when walking pass her home. The primary function of the character Mrs Dubose in the novel is to represent ethical courage. 3. What does Atticus think of her? What do the children think of her? For Scout and Jem, Mrs. Dubose is a stressful, barely human force that takes control of their afternoons after Jem goes nuts on her camellias. Scout presents her as “plain hell” primarily due to the reality that she was constantly bad-mouthing them and even called Atticus a “nigger-lover”.

It is not up until after she passes away that Scout and Jem get a sense of what Atticus sees in her. Although the kids think that Mrs. Dubose is a completely bad lady, Atticus appreciates her for the courage with which she fights her morphine dependency and hopes that Scout and Jem see that in her as well. 4. Quickly sum up Mrs Dubose occurrence from the novel. Mrs. Dubose passed away of suffering many years of cancer. Before her doctor informed her she just had a couple of months to live she decided she wanted to die devoid of her addiction to morphine.

For this to work, every day when Jem and Scout pertained to check out to her she had an alarm set that when it went off her caretaker would offer her a small dose of morphine, and as every day passed the clock gradually went off later on and ultimately stopped. That is when Mrs. Dubose had actually lastly dominated her morphine dependency and was not depending on it anymore. 5. Why is the event in the book? One of the things that Scout discovers is that not everything is what it appears. She appears to be that Mrs Dubose is a well-respected lady, however she had this covert addiction.

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This event is also a representation of courage. Bravery is available in various forms. Brainstorm with 3 people around you and give 3 ideas/points to answer the following: What is the significance and significance of the Mrs Dubose/Jim event in TKAM as concerns to Scout’s bildungsroman journey? You are to support your response with 3 points. 1. The first reason that Mrs Dubose’ mishap is significant in concerns to Scout’s bildungsroman journey is since it teaches the children what real guts is.

Atticus did not desire them to think that ‘guts is a man with a gun in his hand’. 2. Regardless of her morphine dependency, she wished to pass away free although she knew she would need to go through a great deal of suffering without the aid from the drug. Majority would have selected the course of a tranquil death, however Mrs Dubose was determined to overcome her dependency and die with discomfort instead. This taught Scout to never give up. 3. It also taught the kids to not evaluate a book by its cover.