To Kill a Mockingbird – Newspaper Article

To Kill a Mockingbird– News Article

To Kill A Mockingbird Creative Action Tom Robinson was convicted last month of raping Mayella Ewell, Bob Ewell’s oldest child. Bob Ewell implicated Tom of raping his daughter and our regional sheriff, Heck Tate, had to jail him despite the fact that there was no evidence to show Tom guilty. Tom was shot recently while leaving from the jail that he ought to never ever have remained in. A couple of weeks ago Bob Ewell called Heck Tate, to his home to accuse Tom Robinson of raping his oldest child, Mayella Ewell.

Both Mr Ewell and Mayella said that Tom entered into your house, hit her and attempted to rape her while Mr Ewell was out in the swamp and her brother or sisters were in town. They claim that when Mr Ewell came back he caught Tom trying to rape his child and left the home. Heck Tate was forced to arrest Tom despite the fact that he didn’t believe that Tom would have raped Mayella. After Tom was jailed he was held in the court house cell over night and that extremely night a mob made up of different Maycomb county citizens came to bring their version of justice to him.

They planned to lynch Tom Robinson for his expected crimes, although they had no evidence to show he did it except for the word of a white male, and if Jean Louise Finch, a 9 years of age woman, hadn’t brought them to their senses they would have had their method. Atticus Finch was sitting in front of the cell as a guard but if his child had not existed with him he would definitely have actually been unjustly hurt while attempting to protect Tom Robinson from the mob.

Tom Robinson was provided a trial but it was far from fair, what possibility does a black guy have with a jury consisting of 12 white males? There was not one scrap of trustworthy evidence to support her claim but a black’s word versus a white’s implies nothing. Tom Robinson was a great truthful man; he would not injure a fly without due cause not to mention a young woman. Atticus Finch utilized every tool available to free guys to save Tom, but in the secret courts of men’s hearts Atticus had no case. Tom was a dead man the minute Mayella Ewell opened her mouth and yelled.

Tom was sent out to Enfield Jail Farm, 70 miles away from his house, and was cut off from any of his friends and family. He tried to escape from the prison back to his old life and his household but he was extremely gunned down by jail guards. He had 17 bullet holes spread across his body, a lot more than essential to stop him. It is a sin to eliminate cripples, be they standing, sitting or escaping. Tom’s death was a waste similar to the senseless massacre of songbirds by hunters.